Mid-Summer Weed Control in NJ

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    Hi guys, I am from Northern NJ, just got my pest license this year and we are treating around 200k sq ft total. I have been very happy with products such as PowerZone in the Spring and than switched over to Surge for any post emerg weed activity. My question is, I'm starting to bring in new clients whose lawns haven't been treated this year at all,no pre-emerg or anything. So obviously this time of year crabgrass is out of control. What is the best product out there in terms of eliminating the crabgrass while at the same time not causing too much damage to the existing turf? Do I go with Drive75 or Q4plus. I would like to get these weeds out of here soon, as in about another 5-6 weeks I plan on aerating and seeding. Thanks for the advice. Hope everyone is staying cool with these hot summer days.
  2. greenfire

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    I have been using Q4plus, and very happy with it, but it is very expensive and looking for another product.
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    If your just spraying late summer crabgrass you can’t beat a drive with mso , it smokes crabgrass fast. I use q4 if the lawn has weeds, crab and nutsedge.
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    When using the Drive and Q4 to you experience any yellowing of the turf? If so what is the best way to limit the damage, I've heard that some guys will shoot it up with a lil iron/nitrogen but if it's at all possible I would like to keep it from yellowing. Thanks for the advice.
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    I recently did some experiments of Drive with MSO (methylated soybean oil). So far, even at high rates of MSO there was no damage to the good grass. Temperature was 92 degrees F.

    Left to right in the photograph: Drive with MSO added at: .8 percentMSO, 1.1, 1.3, 1.6, and 3.3 percent of MSO in the tank.


    I also compared crabgrass results on small spots going over the crabgrass once, twice, and three times. So far all three treatments are working fine on crabgrass.

    Simple thing to do is don't promise anything about crabgrass--customers mostly know it has to be prevented in the spring. Kill the broadleafs with Three-way. Then spray the crab, but explain that these results will be only fair. Charge extra for the crabgrass spray--most companies would not even try. You have no competition for this aspect.
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  6. Reedo

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    Get a quote on 4 Speed XT. I know someone who tried that instead of Q4 and was pleased.

  7. greenfire

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    What is the purpose of the MSO? Thanks for the tip Reedo, but looking at the label 4xt not labeled for crabgrass.
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    The label recommends that you add methylated seed oil--which probably acts as a surfactant and helps to wet the hairy parts of the crabgrass plant.

    Is it really necessary? Why does the label recommend it? Does it increase the chance of turfgrass injury? Is MSO more of a risk at higher temperatures?
    Would another non-ionic-surfactant work just as well? I don't know--worked OK last year--in my test.

    Odd...Q-4 label does not mention MSO surfactant. How come?
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    Hi Riggle, thank you for all your input. In all your years of service and knowledge, what product do you think would be the most effective (cost is not the main concern, but a fast acting post emerg is top priority) for the following:
    Lawns are in NJ= fescues, ryegrass and KBG
    Weeds that need to be elimated asap= crabgrass, clover, plantain, ground Ivy (creeping Charlie). I have a few lawns that still have a good amount of these weeds on them and I would like to knock them out in preparation for aerating and seeding mid/late Sept. Do I go with straight Quincloroc75 with MSO, Drive75XLR8 with MSO, Q4plus? Is there a product out there I am not aware of? Thanks for your help and advice, really appreciate it. Have a great day.
  10. RigglePLC

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    I think two hand sprayers are the best bet. One with Drive for crabgrass. The second with 3-way Selective (at the maximum allowed rate) for broadleaf weeds. Speedzone is a bit better.
    I am not sure it helps--but I would add a spreader sticker--or MSO, just to be sure. An ounce per gallon is plenty.
    No sense spraying Drive on broadleaf weeds. No sense in spraying three-way on crabgrass, another waste.
    I don't know your equipment--would this be a blanket treatment followed by a backpack spray for crabgrass?

    It is awkward to carry a backpack plus a hand sprayer--or even two hand sprayers. Try to find a way to carry two solutions. Create a method. Show us your ideas--get pictures.

    Remember to calibrate carefully. Remember a typical hand sprayer puts out about a quart per thousand sqft.
    My test from last year.
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