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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stpamo, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Hello Everybody,
    I am considering moving to Middle Tennessee (Nashville area). Right now I work in Southwest Florida and the demand for quality lawn care is extremely high. Can anyone tell me if I relocate to Tennessee will I be able to find work with my lawn care company up there? If so, year round billing? Or by the cut or what? In Florida you bill every month same price 12 months out of the year. Thanks.
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    u can find all the work that u want here in TN it doesnt matter what part.. i would love to be in nashvill ebut dont want to give up all i have vested in here..... i know the area well, have family there and know u will be fine....there are lots of lawns there and lots of "old money" also things are billed as u set them, 12 or 8 months mostly some bill weekly, it just all depends on what ur preference is i havent come anyone who had a problem with the way we do things here. we do some 8 some 12 some everymow just depends on the circumstance ya know.
  3. stpamo

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    Hi Plant art,
    Thanks for response. How many accounts do you have and what about the winter? Is there any work in the winter? I am not interest in hanging Christmas lights but other landscape work is fine. I am spoiled because everything grows like crazy all year in South Florida. Well it lets up a little Dec.- Feb. The average account for just mow,trim,edge,blow here is starting at $75. month year round. Almost all lawns are 1/4 acre. Also do you have to bag or discharge or what? Thanks for I am foreign to Tennessee.

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