midmount or outfront ?


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Ok I have added some apartments for this year, and thinking of a new mower (wife isnt happy with the idea). <br>I have a cub z42 mid mount I know it isnt a commercial unit, but has done an outstanding job for me. <br>I am looking into the purches of several ztrs right now. I live in a small town and we only have 2 retailers that have commercial units in town, Snappers, and Great Danes. I can get last years Chariot 62&quot; for 7000.00 or 61&quot; Zmax out front for 8200.00. There is a skag dealer 25 easy miles from my house though, 61&quot; turf tiger this years model 8000.00, all with 25hp kohlers. They also have the smaller skag for 6000.00 or so for the 54&quot; with a 23 hp Kawasaki. All delers take care of their commercial mowers first, the skag dealer has a loaner mower if you need it.<br>The larger width of cut couldnt be used as much of the time because of smaller lawns. So I was looking at the 50&quot; or so range in the first place.<p>Is the outfront deck more manuverable then the midmounts? or does the extra legnth of the outfront get in the way. Only demoing the Zmax didnt give me a good enough feel for the outfronts. I havent made it to the Skag dealer yet (it snowed last night) but Im heading there soon.<br>I know there are too many equipment questions but its a forum and thats what its for. <p>While Im here, Thanks for all the advice, and the response to my last posting. I didnt get those apartments but I dont think I relly wanted them in the first place. <p>Jim
Over at turfquip.com there is a Toro (steering)/ eXmark metro (the rest of the unit)48&quot; 14hp Kaw for sale brand new for $2250. <br>Add the sulky of your choice.<p>That mower would work great from a full size<br>p/u or van with a handy ramp end gate.<p>With my ramp I can easily load a 44&quot; toro<br>with the sulky fliped up and either a 21&quot; mow<br>or a power pluger.<p>Two days this week I loaded a 52&quot; toro (you<br>have to raise the deck up over the wheelwells)and the plugger and put close<br>to 200 miles on my truck. <p>That ramp gate may be expensive but it sure<br>beats having to deal with a trailer.


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I bought a Great Dane Chariot in 99 and it is now my prefered weapon of choice. You cannot beat the speed or cut quality. This machine be used on grass that is almost bush hog material and if you double cut the grass will not even need bagged. Any ZTR will cut your time in half over a conventional under belly lawn mower.


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I have a Great Dane Chariot. I love the thing. I have 80 hours on it. I bought it new about a year ago and the last post was correct you can cut through extremely high grass with the mower. Give it a closer look.<br>

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