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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by adamc6, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Anyone out their from the midwest? I know our mowing is very different from a lot of the posts ive been reading. If so, Let me know your experiences with mowing (starting out, season length, prices, etc) thanks for the info in advance.

  2. 32 weeks mowing.

    $60 a man hour and way up.

    Any thing else? There are several thousand from the midwest on here.

    Most of the posts here are very similar to the midwest reagon scales for every thing.
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    I'm from michigan and only expect 25 cuts a year from my customers. Two years ago the weather was fine all season and i got 27 cuts out of them but last year we had a drought for six weeks that burned everything up and was lucky to get 22.People around my town are inclined to look for the cheapest price but WILL pay for quality work. I try to get between 40-45 dollars an hour but will go down a little if i have a cluster of clients in one area. Hope this info helps you.

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