Midwest lco's - your choice of herbicides?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FuturelooksGreen, Dec 2, 2007.

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    First post here and thankful for all the 'green information" found on your great website.

    I'm currently taking a turfgrass class at college and could use some help with a herbicide project. We need to come up with a list of different herbicides and explain the rationale for choosing brands, give cost data and weed control effectiveness. :dizzy:

    Please let me know what herbicide brand you're using for the four categories below and any cost data information along with your rationale for brand decision.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. pre-emergent

    2. selective post-emergent

    3. non-selective post emergent

    4. systemic
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    pre-emergent i use barricade as of now, i switch it up every 3-5 years to maintain good control. i use it due to the long residual for extended hot and dry we get here in the midwest. i use dimension if it is used on a late application {New customer at end of target window for application} as it is effective sooner than barricade due to the active post emergent control ti can give. barricade applied too late will not give control, even foudn out the hard way on this one.

    selective post-emergent i use anything from pbi gordon company mainly because it works. speedzone is my top choice due to fast action and residual control. i use Q4 now instead of Trimec plus because you can use it with more turf safety and people ahah. it can be used in higher temps and at lower rates. this is good and important when trying to get any control of crabgrass breakthrough etc in hot summer. i also use depending on the lawn and conditions sedgehammer and surge.

    non selective i use round up quick pro despite the label requiring more ppe than others due to it is just plain fast and real effective. results matter to customers and that is it. All of the others work fine, jsut not as fast.

    systemic- to be honest i am not sure i use one that is systemic toher than speedzone
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    For a pre-e I am currently using Dimension. It is cost effective and also has some post activity on later apps if needed.

    For a selective post I use Three Way and add Quick Silver. I am going at the lawn with four a/i and feel I cover the whole weed spectrum with this mix. I add the Quick Silver to increase kill timing and also for harder to control weeds such as Wild Violet.

    For non-selective I use the cheapest generic glyphosate I can find.

    Not sure what you mean by systemic. Most of the products that we use are systemic, so you may need to clarify!

    Good Luck and enjoy college why you are there. I couldn't wait to get out and now I wish I could go back. Don't rush it!

    If you need anymore detailed info or prices...pm me and I can get you whatever you need! I would love to help you out on your school project!
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    Thanks for your herbicide info grassman........
  5. FuturelooksGreen

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    Hey rcreech:waving:

    Thanks for the offer of help, but unfortunately just registered newbies aren't able to PM. I did put my email address on the vcard with my profile. I'd like to get some specific information on your herbicide brands and costs. Please contact me by email.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Partly Dimension--parrtly prodiamine as pre-emergent.

    Eliminate as post emergent.

    Spot spray with Surge, Drive, Manage.

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    your threeway is most lickly systemic will kill the weed just as long as one drop getts on the leaf. quick silver is a contact herbicide will only kill the part of the weed the herbicide touches may not kill the hole weed if the hole leaf is not coverd
    Charles Cue
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    Yep, you are 100% correct! Quick Silver is a cell membrane disruptor. I have used the product for several years on the farm as it is called AIM.

    Quick Silver alone isn't a great product, but if you ever tank mix it with your Three Way product and see the results...you will never spray another tank without it!

    Most weeds will show results within 3-5 days (depending on the weather) and I can melt Wild Violet and Ground Ivy!


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