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Ok Guys Before I buy the Lazer CT or the Lazer HP tell me what is the difference between the fixed deck Tryadvantage and the Full Floating Tryvantage? I think I know but are there many differences?
Are all the Turf Tracers walk behind or do you ride on the back somehow? Because I have seen some guys ride on something that looks like the metro or turf tracer.
And Why is there such a big difference in the Exmark HP compared to the walker?
Thanks for any replys, Geting ready to buy.....


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First just for clarity the CT and the HP both have a floating decks.

A fixed deck is mounted rigidly to the chassis and does not pivot or float independently from the frame. A fixed deck is more likely to "scalp" if the lawn is uneven. Scalping occurs when the deck or blades make contact with the ground "shaving" the topsoil or cutting the grass extremely short. A floating deck on the other had is "suspended" to help prevent this type of damage.

The deck can be suspended a variety of ways. The most common is via 4 chains. Other method may be pins or trailing arms.

The floating will usually have anti-scalp rollers strategically mounted around the deck that help prevent scalping. The anti-scalp rollers generally ride at least 1/2" from the round on a flat surface and only make contact with the ground when uneven terrain is encountered. When this occurs the suspended (floating) deck then can ride on the rollers and float rather than damaging the turf.

I hope this makes sense. If not give please feel free to call me at 800-667-5296 and I'll try to explain it better.



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