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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Birdhunter1, Oct 26, 2006.

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    For years now my dad and I have been raising and breeding Brittany's and I guide quail hunts in the winter. This week I was in my insurance agent's office discussing insuring the bird dog business and it came up that we might be able to put the bird dog biz and the mowing biz all under my farm policy. In the past the bird dog biz has not been insured, profitable but not insured (I have reported all income and expenses accurately unlike some breeder's who don't). This year has been very profitable, 2005 wasn't, I lost a mother dog to whip worms and all but 1 of 9 pups died, had to try bottle feeding them every two-three hours and you just can't substitute a mothers milk in those first 5-7 days. By the time we decontaminated all of the dog kennel area and totalled up losses from what the pups would have brought we were in the red big on that one. If it weren't for the guiding part of it we'd have been in the hole big time. My insurance agent is looking into if I can somehow insure the dogs as livestock on this policy.

    Currently there is a policy on the farm itself and the mowing biz is separate. If I continue with the mowing next year it will most likely be insured on my farm policy depending on how it works out tax wise. Tax wise I've been able to claim a portion of my mowing equipment on the farm expenses since I do alot of mowing on the farm (about 40-50% is on the farm), if I can claim all the mowing income as farm income it may work out. I'm out of town the next few days so I'll get back with the agent and my accountant (sister is a CPA)on Tuesday.

    As for the mowing biz I may sell the accounts next year, I have a great job already and since I'd like to spend more time with the dogs and the farm is taking more time than it used to I may sell the mowing accounts to my cousin. My cousin has had some problems in the past (DUI related) and is getting back on his feet pretty well, he is a hard worker and he's helped me (saved my butt is more appropriate) several times in this and even mowed for me one week while I was gone. With the wife and I are wanting to build a house possibly this time next year and the dogs biz starting to produce more profit the mowing may go bye bye!

    Does anybody else on here who has a farm have there mowing biz and farm set up this way?
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    I own a farm and mow and own or operate several hunt clubs and I keep my insurance separate. Can't advise you on your personal lines, but I recommend that you check with some insurers who specifically target hunt clubs/ operations and you'd better do it quick. One quail hunting "accident" and you and your farm are toast. You'd better believe that the operation where Cheney shot his pal is dealing with a claim right now.

    My desk is a total mess right now - end of mowing, beginning of hunting - but my personal firearms are insured through the Sportsman's agency affiliated with NSCA/NSSA and Safari Club and the hunting operations are through NRA-endorsed insurance out of Overland Park, KS through a fellow named Dan Hibboldt. Our latest policy actually came through Lloyds of London! You can get his number from NRA. There's also a N.America Gamebird Assoc., but I haven't dealt with them - you should check out Black's Wing and Clay guide also. Good luck, Will M>
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    I don't own the hunting club and it is not on my farm. However I do guide there with my dogs and it is quite a good set up, mainly what Iam wantgin to insure with the quail guiding/dog breeding biz is the dogs more than anything else. as for openign a hunting club on my property it would be more of a headache tha it woudl be worth, you are correct the insurance is high and you'd better have lots of it.

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