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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mightymowinc, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Hey everyone!! I'm new here, and just thought i'd start out just like everyone else and tell my story, how we got started and ect. Last year my father lost his job, and he became a "craigslist" addict. Anyways he noticed people were advertising for Aeriation, and he decided we could do that, so that's how we basically got our start. We have also had a Grasshopper 61 inch mower for three years, so we already had the main part of any lawn care company! This is our first year doing actual lawn care, and my father has gone back to work, so i'm taking over the company. I have to admit this first year been a bit bumpy, while we make money, it's just tough organized. We have a little over 20 residential yards, ranging from all sizes. I have many topics I'd like to discuss with you all but that won't be in the scope of this thread :). My equipment:

    Grasshopper 61 inch Zero Turn
    Stihl Trimmer (Edger)
    Stihl Trimmer
    Stihl handheld blower
    Stihl hedgetrimmer
    Backpack Sprayer
    Ex-mark walkbehind (just bought it)
    Self-propelled push mower

    Working on getting a Core Aeriator for this fall. Nice meeting you all!!
  2. GranSportMow

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    hey welcome to the site! i also have an old 48" grasshopper but it is at gramps house.

    is there business in areanationg? i never heard anyone asking about it here...

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Welcome to Lawnsite. Any questions that you have just ask.
  4. Ben's Landscape

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    Welcome to Lawnsite. Seems like you have a biz that is off to a good start. You will learn a lot on this site. Just ask questions. Good luck!!
  5. g21

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    Welcome to the biz! The N.C market is a great one. No limit as to how big you can grow. Sounds like your off to a nice little start. Two things that you really want to focus on before you start taking on any more work. 1) Learning your craft. Use this time to really work on quality. Learn every aspect of "producing the work" yourself. 2) Establishing your production ratios. Knowing how much grass you can cut per hour with each machine, edge with each machine, blow, etc. This will be critical in helping you price out work as you grow. Please don't "guess". It will catch up to you later! You will get away with it for a while, even longer with residentials, but as soon as you get into commercial properties, your operation will be like a house of cards! If you need advice, please don't hesitate to ask...I know the Carolina market very well! Good Luck!

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