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  1. Funfunfun

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    New to Grove Oklahoma. Starting up design build maintenance this spring. Any local input, contacts, or information is appreciated. Thanks
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  2. scotts lawn care

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    Welcome! Just do a little searching on here - you'll find alot of good info.
  3. Funfunfun

    Funfunfun LawnSite Member
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    Hi . I have been researching lol overresearching lots of stuff on here. Have some questions about a tandem trailer. Leaning towards a 7x18 5200# tandems with some sides.
    Im not sure about brakes on trailer / both axles? ?in oklahoma
    If i buy a used trailer should i b concerned about brake problems?
    Also, rear fold down ramp is nice to load debrisand hold in but can i load pallet of brick on trailer from bhind without damaging it. Also researching dot. Do i need medical card.? Log book etc. F350 dually 13000gvwr. This site is awesome except a little hard to find the right thread (pertinent).
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