Mileage??-Duramax, Answer if you keep track

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    Answer only if you keep tract of your mileage the right way.
    My 02 3500 dully with the 8.1 is getting close to the time when we will have to start putting maintenance money into it and with gas going up as it is we are thing about the Duramax.
    If you keep good records of mileage please tell the tale. I know how they pull and the life is going to be better but this is my personal truck that i drive for work and I do trade it every few years.

    I put about 14000 a year on it and I know that I get 6.7mpg now. The unknown is the new mileage on a diesel and if it will be cost effective.

    This is the rig I drive and I do mostly sales work and sit a lot with the window open talking to people at the curb. The noise factor will come into play.

    As we now have a stake bed, I no longer need the dully and will get a 2500HD with crew cab, short bed. I know the single rear wheel will help a little.
    If you give mileage please tell if it's on a 4x4 or not.

    Thank you in advance

    (I did the search and the #'s are so far apart I felt that I needed to ask for the people that really keep track.)
  2. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    I have an 03 d/a crew cab with 6ft bed 4x4 today towing about 7000lbs averaged 12 miles to the gallon on a normal open highway with no trailer and very few stops i average 21 mpg i am very satisfied with mine if you have any other questions please feel free to email me.

  3. Pro - Cut

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    It is time to get a diesel. I have a 04 crew cab 1/2 ton chev. with my new 24 inclosed trailed I thought I was going to lose my trans. I was a chev mech for 8 years and thought I would try the lawn care buss. The new 05 durramax has alot of the bugs worked out now and you also get a 100,000 mile warr on the engine and trans. The guys I know who have them and are pulling 24 to 28 enclosed trailers and getting apx 21 to 23 mpg on the freeway. you can also get a programer that will increase you milage and power even move and is very cheep to get installed or easy to do it your self. I am picking up my new crew cab durramax on monday of course I will lose my ass on my trade I have had it for 7 mths but I will save apx $800.00 a month in fuel costs. They are also very quite you cant even noitce it on the freeway and bearly idling. This is based on 2500 HD chev crew cab singal rear wheels. Have not heard alot on fords but being a chev man i do stand behind the durramaxx. Good luck. Diesel in MN today was $2.25 a gallon reg $2.19 P.S with all the rattling that 8.1 makes the new durramaxx will sound like a cady.
  4. Lawn Cops

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    I have an 03 2500 crew cab 4x4 6ft bed. I have 42k on it. I have the Allison 5sp auto. I just changed to Amsoil and then drove it to Colorado and Back......2400 miles in a week. The lowest I got on the road was 16.8 and the highest was 22.6. This was while driving around 80 mph no trailer. Around town pulling my 16 ft trailer and equipment I get 14-16 mpg.

    I love my Duramax.

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    Thanks guys. Thats the info that I am looking for.
  6. j fisher

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    2001 Duramax w/allison A/T. 50.000 miles. Pulling 14 ft. trailer w/ equipment in a lot of stop and go city traffic. Getting 13 mpg.

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    So my 6.7 will change to 13 or so. I run between 400-500 dollars each month.
    Cut that in about 1/2 =$200+ per month or more as gas goes higher
    +a new truck +not having to drive the dully around.
    Dale Earnhardt Chevy here I come

    Thanks again guys

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