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military 4x4`s


LawnSite Member
Grant Park IL
I was wondering if a miltary 4x4(chevy) would be a good purchase when looking for a serious 4x4. What are the advantages and Disadvantages of used military 4x4`s?


LawnSite Member
the list will start with the pro<p>very versitle vehicles<br>parts avail everywhere<br>maintainance was performed regularly<br>built with dana 44 rear ends<br>some have np 203 some np 205 transfer cases<p>cons<br>strip down models<br>usually have already been abused<br>large vehicle for regular trail riding<p><br>-abe<br>


pros<br>1ton Single rear tire had 14 bolt rear<br>dana 60 front and 400 trans<br>cons<br>diesel engine sluggish<br>GI's Probably trashed it


LawnSite Member
A friend of mine bought a 1984 GMC 3500 military pickup that was used in desert storm. It had around 40 thousand miles on it. He bought it about six years ago and seems to have no problems with it. He did have it repainted. The shop that repainted it tried everything to strip the old camaflage paint off but to no avail, (whatever paint the US uses its quite tough) so the final finish was not as smooth as it should have been. Other than that it seems to be very complete and heavy duty.