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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by adawg88, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. adawg88

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    Hello! I live in Michigan and in my particular area we are having a HUGE problem with white grubs. There are whole yards wiped out in my sub from grub damage. Even worse, since it is a country sub, the skunks and sandhill cranes are killing yards digging up the grubs. Luckily, I have been relatively unharmed to this point.

    Anyway, my homeowner's association (I hate these associations, but that is another topic...) is encouraging everyone to get their yard treated with milky spore, to the tune of $250/acre. My lot is about 2 acres. While this sounds relatively affordable, from what I have read, a single tratment of milky spore will not cut it and multiple applications will be needed. Is this correct? I'd like to avoid the constant expense of buying Merit each season, but I also don't want to drop $500 on something that will not work.

    Any insights on how many applications would be needed to work for the Michigan climate?
  2. livingsoils

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    Grubs were very bad last year everywhere. I have never seen them that bad.
    Make sure the association knows that Milky spore is only labeled for Japanese white grubs not all grubs. There are many others that Milky spore will not control. :confused:
    Also, Milky spore moves in the soil, so if your neighbors get the treatment then they will migrate into your lawn and you won't have to pay for it.:laugh: Just keep your soil heathly!
    They don't follow boundry lines.
  3. adawg88

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    Thanks for the reply. I will make sure they know they only control Japenese Beetle grubs, but I am pretty sure that is our problem out here. I just moved in last fall but every house had at least 3 of those beetle traps out and they were full within days of setting them out. Not looking forward to that hassle this year!!

    Will one app of milky spore be enough?
  4. JoeinJasper

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    Don't put the beetle traps in your yard...They contain a pheromone (sex) lure and will attrack beetle into your yard for 'dinner and a date'. Let your neighbors feed them instead of you!
  5. NattyLawn

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    Good advice. Also be on the look out for your friendly neighbor that places the beetle bags on or near property boundaries. You may get some unwanted guests.
  6. AlpineNaturescapes

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    Probably a better choice is Hb nematodes - spray this month in a rain storm. They will take care of just about any beetle grubs eating the lawn. MS or the nematodes have to be reapplied each year in your region. Ms will work - I once had a lawn totally infested until I applied MS. Single app did work but it was a southern zone so the effectiveness improved into the next year.
  7. gren4golf

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    milky spore takes about 3years to establish in soil to be a controlling factor for grubs and 250 per acre is dam cheap here in pa/nj it goes for about 275 bucks for maybe 39000sq ft / thats for good stuff not the crap some hardware stores sell oh and it needs to be watered in but not to far watered in

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