Millcreek aerator and Walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nlminc, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. nlminc

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    Hi, Do any of you Walker owners out there have any experience with the front mount Millcreek aerator? I called the local rep. today and he said that he can't sell them. Wondering why, cus he wouldn't discuss it with me. I was also looking into the tow behind aerators for the Walker. Any sugestions would be helpful.

  2. igm

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    I asked my local dealer about the Mill Creek and he said they weren't being sold (made?) anymore. I think he said they just didn't sell enough. I demo'ed one when I bought my Walker and it worked pretty good, turns were a little tough, but it pulled up a nice plug. There was a used one
    in the shop for $800, seemed like it was pretty new.
    I'm wondering the same thing about tow behind. I'm not into
    horsing around a walk behind aerator again this year. Would rather ride it.

  3. MOW ED

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    I couldn't find many who had one either. Has anyone tried the JRCO Hooker yet. I know GeneGLS has one of the early ones but I was wonder how others like them.
  4. Turfclippings

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    i guess i am one of the ;ucky ones to get one. They are all right, pulls a nice plug, then the plug is flatten by the tires, so customers dont complain aboutplugs laying everywhere. i still rent a walkbehind every now and then. i have used it on a soccer and football field and the manuervability is very tight trying to doge sprinkler heads. so the pull behind is better, and quicker. i rate at 1-10 scale, it a 3

  5. BIG D

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    I have sold them in the past but havent been too impressed. The tines have somewhat of an open spoon and I didnt get to good of plug. It is an excellent idea though.
  6. Runner

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    I spoke to a rep at the Detroit show the other day, and he said they have made some changes in the aaaaHooker to get better penetration-cganged the offset of the angle of penetration a bit. He, himself said that it is expected that you go over the area twice for effective aeration. He later gave me his card. On it with his name was the title President and Owner of JRCO.
  7. Rodney Johns

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    I was looking to sell these also. I have been told there is a shakeup in the company. I guess they have dissolved and will open under a new name soon. I have contacted both the old and new people and have got squat for responses. If someone hears let me know!
    As far as quality I have heard good stuff about them and will pick them up if they get there stuff together.
  8. igm

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    Rodney and Kevin,

    Are you referring to the JRCO or the Mill Creek?


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