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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfer, Sep 24, 2001.

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    I read all the archives !! Anyway, lots of you talked about this aerator so I called Millcreek and talked to their rep. He said they still made them. I called my local dealer who is a Millcreek dealer and he called Millcreek to order one. They do not have one. They said they are combing the country looking for one. Has anybody seen one at any dealer lately. It's the 36" manual. My only other option, according to the archives, is a JRCO. If you have seen one, let me know where so I can possibly call and get it shipped. In reading the archives, it seems to be of good quality and it is convenient since you can get in corners with it. I know turning is tough so I may need to back up allot. Does this thing mount on the Walker in front of the deck or without the deck ? I'm leaning towards a tow behind if I can't get this upfront Millcreek because so many of you have said the JRCO was marginal at best. I will probably tow with my GD chariot. Is there a better option for a hitch kit for the chariot besides buying the $200 hitch kit from Great Dane ? Couldn't find this one in the archives either ! Thanks in advance.
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    I believe that if you talk with Landscaper Supply, they will have a similar unit made by a company called "Hooker" it goes on the front of a ZTR. Not sure how well it works though. The attachment is about 38" of aerating width.
  3. Runner

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    The Hooker IS the JRCO. Have you tried going to Millcreek's website? There, you could get a phone number, and call for the nearest dealer to you. There might be a slight chance that they have a "dealer locater" on the site, too.
  4. Mowman

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    Here is the phone number of the Walker Dist. in my area. Maybe they can help you out. (740) 852-9733 They are located in London, OH. Not far from Columbus,OH. Ask for Lloyd or Paul, tell them that Steve Knapp refered you to them.
    If they can't help you then try Rodney Johns, he is a member here on LawnSite. His number is (573) 288-5296 and he is located in Canton MO. You might also check out his web site to see if he has one listed. He did awhile back. That is Those are all I can think of that might have one. But between the 2 of them one of them should be able to HOOK you up.
    Good Luck,
  5. Currier

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    A few years ago I was considering the millcreek for my Walker. I was told that you had to have the "quick change implement hitch" in order to hook it up ...another $800.00.
  6. Mowman

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    With the 36" aerator the hitch is not needed. It just slides on the pins the same as the decks. I saw one at Power Show Ohio this past Jan. The price for it was $899.00. The larger 48" model does require the use of the hitch.
  7. MOW ED

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    I have a JRCO on the front of my Walker right now as a demo and I will give you a little insight on it as opposed to walking behind a bone rattler.

    The JRCO is a decent machine, I have the electric lift that is necessary as there is about 100#+ of weight to lift and if you do it by hand you will have 1 strong arm.

    The JRCO does a decent job of putting holes in the ground without pulling massive plugs. Some dirt is pulled but it is nowhere near the size of a standard core. If you are a coring purist , this won't be for you. However if you want to sell your customer on a neater looking lawn after a beneficial process then I would recommend it.
    As with any aerator, the ground should be moist but not soaked when you use it to get 2 to 3" penetration. There are 6 heads with 4 hooks on each head and they are weighted. I found that they give about 8 to 12 holes per sq/ft and it is quite fast. I also go over the are twice because I can go so fast. The thing aerates at 90 degree turns also so it is made for a ZTR. I almost feel guilty getting done so fast. I did a 22000 sq ft lawn, doubled in less than an hour. It looked good and had very nice holes all over. My tires weren't full of clay and nothing broke. The best part was that I made 12 bucks per k and I was not tired at all. You try beating that with a walkbehind.
    I also have used it on ground where the customer has not cut the lawn to 2" and it still works. Obviously the holes arent as deep but it still breaks the soil root barrier.

    Drawbacks are that I have to remove the deck to use it but the Millcreek is the same. There are little mudflaps that also bind up if you go in reverse. Those can be removed. When you pinch your little finger inbetween the weight and the frame you will make a muffled howl like I did also.

    I see the lawn getting all the benefits of a core aerated lawn with out the cores. I know there are some who say that you need the cores to increase microbial activity on the surface of the lawn and the cores will help break down thatch but I have something that helps breaK down thatch. Its my dethatcher.

    I will be purchasing the JRCO and if I have the great demand from customers for cores then I will buy a pull behind plugging aerator but I find that I can market a unique piece of equipment and make it attractive to the customer as well as make money doing a beneficial procedure to their lawn. Expand your market. It isn't cheap (1600.00) but it pays for itself if youknow how to market it.

    BTW , I am not getting this unit at a lower price and I don't work for JRCO but I do thank them for the demo opportunity for without it I would have purchased the Millcreek for the reason of thats all that is out there.

    Fire away with the q's and comments.
  8. RMDoyon

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    Call WENO Power Equipment in High Point 336-869-2312.
    Talk to David or Marshall, tell them The Yankee Clipper referred you.
    They ALWAYS have a Millcreek unit in stock. In fact they display one on a Walker on their front lawn. BTW, this is the stand alone version, not the implement hitch version.

    I own the implement hitch version (the first one they ever sold) and it pulls about a 5/8 dia. plug upto 3.5 inches deep on ideal soil.

    I am grossing $100 per hour with this thing. It makes you extremely competitive on larger residences. Not as fast as a tow behind but far faster and easier than a walk behind. Yes, there is more backing up than with a WB but on balance, far faster when you factor in the open area

  9. Turfer

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    Thanks to rmdoyon, (yankee clipper), I picked up my millcreek upfront this morning and was aerating sitting down by 10am. WENO power equipment in High Point is great. They have 2-3 more and they say they have no problems getting them from their distributor. Send me an email if you need some info on getting in touch with them. By this time Thursday, I'll hopefully have this thing paid for. What a difference from my ryan IV. It only took about 2-3 passes to get used to. It is very easy to use and plugs well. I found that plugging in reverse is much easier than going forward. Anyway. thanks for your quick help in getting me one of these.
  10. landscaper3

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    Walker & jrco make a front mount system. The walker brand you remove deck for the hydro version and run the quick attach attachment, for the manual you remove deck only.

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