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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Aug 8, 2001.

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    This ones for all you guys using Millenium Ultra. I have been using it this season on broadleaf weeds, I'm new to apps so please help. (yes I do have a liscense)
    I have been useing it at half rate .55 oz per 1000 sq ft. I'm calibrated for 3 gallons per 1000 sq ft. I'm conserned at my kill rate on alot of weeds, it takes quite a while. The reason for the half rate is that I read on the lable that you are'nt supossed to overlap your swaths. So if I do happen to overlap I'm stell only at the full rate. To help with the problem I just started to use HOOK adjuvant. But I've only sprayed using it once so far. I can't spary right now TOO HOT!!!
    My question is this, do you think I should just try a higher rate, or should the adjuvant be the key to my sucess. and have you guys found a particulare rate better than another. By the way I spray up here in Maine on blue,rye,and fescue. Thanks for the imput.
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    What kind of weeds are you targeting?
    I have had real good luck with this produce on dandelions and lots of spring weeds but I noticed that it didn't put the big hit on the clover that I wanted. I will probably try a sticker in the fall and next spring. I used it at full strength and I did have overlap also and it wasn't a problem in the spring. But we did have a bit of rain and cool temps. BTW I have the same grass types that you do.
    So I guess my answer to you is try both but wait until fall. If you can get by without a sticker then that is the preferred way but if you need to use it because of your target weed then try going to 3/4 strength.
    Heat helps with absorption and translocation, if you spray in the heat you have a great chance of putting the hurt on friend and foe alike. This product doesn't work very fast in the cooler weather but it does work and it is made to spray when cooler.
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    Use a sticker and use it at full strength. If the grass is growing well and it is not stressed (spring and fall) you will have no issues with a touch of overapplication if you overlap too much. You will be much happier with the product if you use it as the label says too.
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    Try spiking it with some DRIVE 75 DF.

    I run half rate and half drive and get great control.

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