Miloganite...anyone used it before

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tbettis, Feb 18, 2008.

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    just what I was thinking :laugh:
  2. terrapro

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    you guys do know its not actually sewer sludge. its the remains of the microorganisms that have fed of the sewer sludge. there is no actual sewer sludge left by the time the organisms get through with it and then they cook the heck out of it :rolleyes:

    its good for a green up and is a good source of iron and wont burn. always blow it off the pavement and walkways or else it will rust.
  3. TurfCo  LLC

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    I know there isn't, but in college, that's what we always refered to it as.
  4. quiet

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    I haven't found it to promote an "early" green up; bermuda's emergence is highly dependent on soil temps. And it's a bit early. But wait until the lawn emerges from dormancy, and you'll see a good response. And keep it cut low!Then follow up with your regular application around the end of March, or beginning of April, I think you'll be very pleased.

    Doing a biosolids app in mid Feb, then Round 1 in mid March is the program I put my very special customers on. They're the ones who want their own lawn to look like Augusta National by Masters Week!
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    In essence you would be buying my ****. I have lived in Milwaukee for 26 years. If you wanted to buy my **** just give me a call and I'll sell it directly to you.
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    lol that was very elegant ;)
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    This can be a good product for lawn grow-ins and renovations, and of course for the landscape.
    But the lack of "K" in it bars it from being a good choice as a turf 'maintenance' fert.

    And the "federal minimum standard for metals" in milorganite scares me... a lot !!

    I'll stick with the endo-mycorrhizae spores, along with a really good aeration and an occasional compost top-dressing ( from a source I can pinpoint), thank you !!
  8. terrapro

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    preffered approach thats for sure. have you used any plant health care products?
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    Milorganite serves its purpose.

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