Milorganite not organic?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by trying 2b organic, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. trying 2b organic

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    I wanted to join an organic lawncare organization but they both forbid my most cost effective source of organic fert and that is Milorganite. what gives? I thought this stuff was good sH_t?
    Also is it true that if your N source is from pure organic matter you dont have to put down as much N as you would if your source was synthetic?
  2. heritage

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    Milorganite May have traces of Heavy Metals which is not a problem for turfgrass unless you are going to eat the lawn....Heavy Metals may cause a problem in human health if you eat them.

    What products are approved by the organization you wish to join?

    Looks like your service charges are going up!

    Some people will pay more for a good organic program....Charge accordingly.

    Pete D.
  3. What organic lawncare organization did you want to join?

    what did they say was wrong with milorganite?

    Pete, do you consider milorganite an organic?

    Yes, I also heard that if you use organic fert, you don't need as much N, But I think a lot depends on your source of sythetic fert
  4. trying 2b organic

    trying 2b organic LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was trying to join the Society of Organic Urban Landcare professionals or the Organic Landscape Alliance, both here in Canada. I also upon perusing thier standars and regulations ran into trouble with Corn Gluten Meal since it may be derived from genetically modified corn plants. So for now im might just join the Western Canada Turfgrass Assoc. Which is kind of dissapointing but i have a business to run. Bottom line is I am helping people transition to less chemicals. I dont really have time for more Governing bodies giving me thier opinions. I dont have organic in my name but I use it im my literature. Also i dont use any chemical pesticides as i dont have a licence to do so. Even my cgm is sold as a fert. with a wink wink since customers know what its "side effects" are. (pre-emerge)
  5. heritage

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    I do consider milorganite to be organic. Sewer Sludge from human waste was once living......then they cooked the solids at 1000F and re inoculated with microbes. It is now Activated Sewer Sludge. I have used it on azaleas and rhodo's with good results.
    I have only used it on turf a few times. An old friend uses it a lot on his greens and fairways to supress dollar spot. Another benefit was reduced clippings and nice green from the Iron in it.

    After reading about a study cornell university did with milorganite as a deer repellent I liked the product even more. 5 lbs per 100 sq. ft. applied monthly......It really works! Not labeled for deer repelling so bill as a fert app.
    I think Milorganite is good stuff.....But don't use it in your veggie garden. Heavy Metals.

    Pete D
  6. Grassmechanic

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    CGM isn't organic because it MAY come from genetically modified plants??? Sounds like those group are made up of some ultra extremists. I'd rather steer clear of them.

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