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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mattydjakd, Mar 7, 2005.

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    Having a dilemma over what to buy, an L35 or a skidsteer and mini combination. My question is, can, and HOW WELL will an F550 pull a skidsteer and mini on trailer at the same time, total weight around 15K? I am assuming that it would do just fine with the L35. Also, my other question, is if the f550 doesn't, would you suggest going with a 650, or seperating them onto two different trailers and towing with the 550? Anyone with this type setup?
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    Definitely go with the f650, just a basic license required if hydraulic brakes, cost is not much more than a 550. The towing capabilities are greater, not by a huge amount but definitely enough to pull the 15k. Are you including the weight of the trailer in your calculations? I purchased a 6500 two years ago, for 59k, has cat motor, a/c etc, large heavy duty box. Just recently purchased a f350 lariat. Believe it or not ....same price! Good value and deals to be found with the larger trucks.

    Here she is last winter just waiting to get back to work.

    dump trk at shop.JPG
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    I've got a 3500 Dodge that pulls 12 to 13K 4 days out of the week. Does fine, so I would imagine your 550 would do great. The only thing I would be concerned with is the hitch rated for that much. Might have to get a class V hitch.

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