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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by LLC RI, May 7, 2012.

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    Ok.. so now it's my turn to pick some brains......

    I have a project with a small overhang at the front door. It's got two columns supporting it that go to the top step. There is a paver pathway leading to the steps. I want to uplight the columns such that I catch the columns and the over hang of the roof, which is about 9 inches beyond the point where the columns attach. I want to drill out a hole in 2 of the pavers and inset a small micro uplight flush with the paver so it's not a trip hazard.

    I have seen BK has a micro mini piece like this as well as FX Luminaire has a small LED piece that I could simply drill in...

    I'm curious what anyone has used for this purpose... a small ( 2 inch or less diameter) LED or MR 11/8 in ground , sealed , flush top fixture that I can uplight from pavers with.


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    Take a look at the Focus sl-30something. We have used it a bunch of times in all sorts of surfaces. It has an expansion kind of ring almost like a car cell phone charger plug. The little mr11 should be right around 2 inches. Plus focus's mr11LED I think might be the best LED mr11 on the market..... Or from what ive seen at least.

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