Mini Ex Hydraulic Angle?????

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by JDSKIDSTEER, Nov 2, 2008.


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    Do any of you use some kind of hydraulic attachment to angle the bucket on your mini ex??? If so what brand do you recommend?
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    That Roto tilt is very cool. I saw the demo at Con Expo they did. It was a crowd stopper. High priced but very cool indeed.

    I am not convinced the two cylinders are a bonus on a bucket this size. If you can do it with one all the better. It only real needs the ability is to be able to hold the bucket at the given angle while digging.
  5. bobcat_ron

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    2 cylinders will give it more holding power, and less wear on the bushings, tha vid clip from your first link, that bucket shook like a leaf.
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    i have the helac power tilt on my link belt and the only down fall is disconnecting the damn thing i have to run it on both my toothed bucket and my grading bucket which i dont not like if i were you i would get one that can be disconnected from the machine and stays on the grading bucket just my 2 cents
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    The shaking wasn't due to having one cylinder but rather a stick that needs some shims. I don't think you will get less bushing wear with two cylinders but I don't know as I have not run one. I tend to follow the less is more line of thinking. Either way I would like to have one. Kinda hard to kick out 4.5K for one though. I lost out on Iron Planet on one a couple months ago by 100 dollars. Brand new it was a WB brand but sold through EDGE attachments. Went for like 1500 dollars. I was crying for days after that one.
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    we have two Helacs of our bobcat 435's grading buckets and they are indispensable
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    I have a tilt bucket made by Amulet for my machine. Only one job came my way this year where it was worthwhile (shaping a pool). It is dual cylinder. Just need some more specialized work where it will shine. Kinda glad I got it though. Winter is busting down the door here, so in the barn it goes till spring time.......
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    what would you use that roto bucket for?

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