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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by whiffyspark, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. whiffyspark

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    Well guys I'm at the point where I've got to make a decision. I've been pursuing a lot of clearing jobs and its getting to the point where a bobcat isn't enough anymore

    I have one coming up this week where I'm basically going to have to pull everything out with a mini - no one in my area rents a mower out. I can rent a skid mulcher or mower from several places, but this hill is impossible for a skid

    I've been looking closely at deeres 35d. I'm a bobcat guy I have a ton of hours on a 32-42 machines, but have been told they lack flow for a mower. Another option is kubota but they're priced high in my area

    I wish I could go with an open can to save some money but its not feasible with the mower
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  2. xc2010

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    I ran a E32 with a Rockhound EX40 with the hammerhead knives, put about 15 hours on it, while it wasn't "blazing fast" it had enough flow to mulch through 2-3" material constantly. Even pushed it with some 4-5" stuff that was decaying it did it, but you had to let the pump catch up.

    EDIT: that being said I wouldn't try to make a living with that setup but it worked and did what I needed it to.
  3. AWJ Services

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    Only 2 mulchers available for a 6 ton or less excavator. All the others are just mowers.
  4. ioilyouin

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    Who, just curious what you are classifying as what.
  5. AWJ Services

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    There are rotary mowers, Flail mowers and fixed tooth mulchers. Only 1 fixed tooth mulcher that is light enough too use on a 5 ton machine. It is like comparing a rotary mower on a skid steer too a mulching head on a skid steer. Both cut but they leave a different finished product.
  6. whiffyspark

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    Your AFE head is nice, but I've for a feeling it costs as much as a small car lol

    It's somewhat know the bobcat has lower flow compared to a Deere. I believe Deere has 24 gpm to bobcats 17
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  7. ksss

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    I was comparing the the Deere 60 to the CAT 305E and the Takeuchi TB153FR. The TK machine has the highest gpm at like 24 gpm. The others were less than that and less psi. Be sure to look at the PSI as well as GPM.
  8. YellowDogSVC

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    My Bobcat 335 weighs about 9700 lbs and has 40.5 hp, non turbo motor. 19 gpm @3045 psi. That is about where my old 863 was when I started running a rotary in the late 1990's. It cut pretty good but isn't anywhere like what I run now. A 24 gpm machine @3000-3500 psi aux. flow would run a small head pretty good, I think.
    A small rotary would take less gpm but would be more dangerous and the end product wouldn't be very nice. I think a fixed tooth, flail, or fixed knife head would work best. I think if someone wasn't looking for blazing speed but rather to use in a niche market, it would be a good tool. I'd personally like to try one but don't know if I could find enough work for a small mower right now.
  9. whiffyspark

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    I'm looking at AFE and rock hound. So a flail type mower. I don't think a rotary mower on an excavator is a good idea.

    Tks are also ridcouslly priced in my area. 2500 hours for 25-35k no thanks lol
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  10. AWJ Services

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    The only 2 mulchers for mini exs are Bauma light and torrent.
    Flails will work if you are not trying to turn it into a mulcher for trees. It is not designed for that. It is deisgned for heavy undergrowth and very small trees. Rotary is the cheapest and takes the least GPM to cut but the cut is the roughest. Flail is next but takes more GPM less productive but better cut. Mulcher takes the most GPM has a good cut and will mulch.

    AFE does make a unit that will fit a 5-6ton excavator but I doubt you could manage it on a 35 size machine.

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