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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by EH909, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. alldayrj

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    TRUTH. Same goes with "I'll keep you loaded with work, we have some big projects coming up if you give us a good price on this". Oh yea? Lets get a deposit together. LOL
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  2. ksss

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    Yea, that line is famous. " Drop your shorts on this project and we will make it on the next one. I promise." Repeated often to as necessary to as many contractors as required to get all work done.
  3. AEL

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    If I had a dollar for everytine someone promised some amazing contract I would be rich. Or when someone would say " do this cheap for me and I will get you lots of work"
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  4. EH909

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    Thanks to all of you folks. I defiantly won't be rushing into anything and know I have a lot of research and hard work ahead. Any and all other help and guidance will be greatly accepted. Any advice on how to go to a customer with your service without actually being able to give them a demo?
  5. JNB Construction

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    If you have friends and family that have projects you can do with rental equipment (and they're willing to pay for the rental) you can take before, during and after photos to use for selling your services. Since you don't have a website, you should start a photo album to take along. Also, since you don't have a .com email address, use a free one like on your business cards to look a bit more professional.
  6. AWJ Services

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    I have no idea how too pull that one off. Some people on here can but it is hard too sell yourself without the ability too have anything but a song and dance too sell. When your starting out you will have to build a reputation and sell yourself along the way. Most start out working for someone else, learn the trade and then save and buy equipment and then go at it for themselves. I am the oddity as where I bought a skid steer and an excavator without any work for them. I felt I needed them too sell my service. I also do not do much commericial work so that may play a large part in why I did what I did.
    No right way too do this an I strongly recomend not getting into this trade. It can be very tough. It is not a short term commitment.
  7. ksss

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    I did the same thing, bought a skid steer and couple attachments and hung out a shingle. Like AWJ said this not a short term commitment. Be careful you dont destroy your credit and put yourself in a huge hole at 20 yoa. I also would advise against it I understand the draw, but dam its a tough row to hoe.
  8. Junior M

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    In the same boat.. I wanted to start something, bought a trailer, rented equipment till the trailer was paid for. Then moved on to saving money for a machine..

    Decided on buying a skidsteer because it was the most versatile machine, imo. Now its paid for and I've bought a handful of attachments along the way and I am still a few grand shy of what I originally planned on spending on a machine. granted I didnt buy the biggest and best off the bat, I just bought what I thought would work for almost anything at a good price.

    I am still not wide open, but I havent gone broke yet..
  9. EH909

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    I have 40K to work with, (and a back up of 20K) to live off to start. My parents are willing to let me live at home for another year. I have a few meetings this week with folks that i feel could see a use for it so if that goes through would anyone recommend buying the mulching head (being so that no one around has one to rent) and then rent the excavator?
  10. Construct'O

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    Odd man out here.I say go for it!

    But go about it like this. Go to work for a old man like me that has more equipment then he can run at one time.That is over the hill and close to dieing soon.

    Your have to would cheap,but in return your learn the trade,inpress his customers,take good of my equipment .Then when i die your get all my customer,my good equipment at half price,and have a life time of experience given too your for free.

    How's that for a business plan.Who knows you might even end up in the will.Good luck!

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