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  1. texas

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    what is the smallest excavator you would use for retaining walls patios and the like? could u use a cat 301.6?
  2. Dirty Water

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    Cat's current smallest is the 301.8

    Thats a hair better than a hand shovel but I'd only use one that size if you had no access at all and needed to crane it over the house.

    Personally, you'd want a machine that isn't too obtrusive yet can be productive.

    I would probably go with the Cat 303 sized machine, or the Kubota KX-91.
  3. texas

    texas LawnSite Member
    Messages: 192

    what about smallest skid?
  4. GreenMonster

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    I wouldn't want a minix smaller than a 7K lb class machine, and I would want a skid with at least 1800-2000 ROC so that you can at least move around full pallets, even if you can't unload them from a delivery truck.

    We upgraded to a T190 track loader from a 753. Just the ability to move around full pallets of material saves a tremendous amount of time, not to mention the ability to work on slopes, live sand, mud, and other areas where a wheeled machine won't.

    We recently upgraded to a 335 mini (9k) from a 331 (7k) and it's a lot more machine, and goes in almost as many places

    We also have an MT52 for irrigation, and it's also used on hardscapes and in areas where nothing else can go. It's a great machine for doing the excavation on a small walkway or hardscape as well.

    I believe the track loader, mini x, mini skid combination is a great set-up for a small hardscape/landscape outfit.

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