Mini Excavator 39-50 inches width

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by The Pond Boy, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. The Pond Boy

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    I need to buy a mini excavator with variable track width about 39"-50", what brand would you buy or what brand would you never buy?

  2. ianh

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    I've had a Yanmar SV08 for a few months now... great little machine, very versatile and fits anywhere. It's only 1 metric tonne though, and has a working width of 27" -> 33". Make no mistake... it's little but anywhere you can walk, it'll go :)

    You gan get an idea of specs by going here and clicking into the Yanmar section... the specs of the various sizes they offer are all set out there together. It's not the machine for bigger jobs, but beats the s..t out of shovelling and, teamed with a Sandvic breaker, it's a hella lot better than swinging on a jackhammer! You can't run say a jackhammer non stop though, it's only got a 6 litre hyd tank (not sure on conversion to US gals) else the oil will boil.

    In summary, top little machine if you're really stuck for acess; the work could be done manually but the machine goes all day and the manual... well enough said :nono:
  3. Scag48

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    I ran a Yanmar SV08 this summer for about 5 or 6 hours. Those machines are so small but the places they can get to is what makes them useful. Kubota's KX-41 has a variable width carriage from 39" to 51" and I hear Kubota makes pretty good minis.
  4. RockSet N' Grade

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    I am interested in learning more about these also. I drive by some of the "big boy" yards and for the first time in years are starting to see "itty-bitty's".........and they are gone everyday that I drive by the yards (3-4 times a week). These guys are using Gehl....but that doesn't mean a thing....I don't know anything about these mini' someone pipe up!
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    The Gehl's that I have seen are the 223 with retractable tracks, 15 degree self leveling units.......38 1/2" to 57" or so if I recall.
  6. Littlehoe

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    I bought an 07 kubota U15 last may. Its their zero tail swing model that has retractable tracks from 39"-48". I love it. It ran like a champ for me last year digging stumps, trenching, doing post holes, and also digging out around house foundations and basements for waterproofing.

    It also felt comfortable for me when I sit in it. I don't feel crowded. A few of the things I really liked about it when I was looking at them was the front hoses all run inside the arm, and the boom cylinders are on the top side of the boom, so its a little more protected from junk and debris. It has auxillary hyros on it so you can run different attachments. Currently I have a post hole auger for mine. I really enjoy my machine its super smooth and really quiet. Also it doesn't smell like a diesel, I have had lots of comments on how there is no odor from the exhaust and how quiet it is. I was told that in its stock form it is approved for use indoors as well.

    The one thing I did find is it doesn't have a thumb available from the factory. When I did my deal to purchase this unit my salesman was so set on wanting me to buy it he said that he "knew" they could get one for it, so we agreed on a deal... well it took most of last year for it to finally get here and they just put it on last week. (I haven't even picked it up from the dealership yet) It ended up being a completely custom built assembly for my kubota. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet or get pics but I will soon for you all...

    Heres a link to the spec sheet.

    Anyways heres a couple pics of her for you.




  7. Scag48

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    I really like the looks of that little U15, it looks pretty capable.
  8. Littlehoe

    Littlehoe LawnSite Member
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    So far it hasn't let me down... I have dug some pretty big stumps out with it, sometimes it may take a while to break up the roots but they come out sooner or later... I am getting a ripper for it to make it a little easier to rip out the roots and also to allow me to dig in the frost in early spring and late fall.

    This is the stump I was working on in the second picture above, it was kind of stuck between the house and the fence. Took about 45 minutes to pry it out but I could only work from the one direction so breaking up the roots was a little more difficult.

  9. SiteSolutions

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    Bout how much did that set you back?
  10. bobcat_ron

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    I was really impressed at a little Bobcat 322 I ran 2 years back, with a 30" bucket on, that's the only Bobcat mini I'll ever recommend, Cat also has a real nice one with the variable track undercarriage.

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