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Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by rds390, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. rds390

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    Im are renting out my mini backhoe has a 12 inch bucket 4 foot dig depth 36 inch dozer blade will fit in most backyards only needs like 37 inches to get in perfect for digging to plant bushes, trees, drainage pipe, ect much better then putting a crew out for a job workers get tired this machine wont

    $225.00 per day if you pick it up
    $250.00 per day if i deliver to your job site
    $80.00 per hour i will bring it out and operate it for you with no rental fee

    "per day" is 8 hours on the meter anything over will be a added day to rental

    most contractor renal places are at like $350.00 a day

    CALL ME OR TEXT (847) 596-0162
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    as in, an extra hour over 8 would double the price? ouch
  3. rds390

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    all depends if its just an hour im fine with it theres a rental place here that 1/10 of an hour over its another days rental @ $330.00 per day for the same machine i have

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