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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Stonehenge, Jun 30, 2001.

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    Thanks for all the great info and please keep it coming - I too was curious about the bucket size of .8 cubic foot - a heaping shovel is about that.

    So I'm now leaning toward a larger machine - 4-5K#, and am thinking used might be the way to go, to save a bit of cash. But this is our best year to date, and I've been in a toy buying frenzy over the last month. Gets addictive!

    I have one more question - I'm trying to figure out how much each model can lift, and there is no straight SAE lifting capacity, just bucket breakout force, and a couple other non-specific ratings. What number can I use to determine what size stones I can lift?
  2. Rex Mann

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    What you are looking for is called craining ability. They rate it several ways.

    What it can lift directly over the blade(assume they are keeping safety in mind)

    What it can lift over track side.

    The further out the boom the less lift.

    They have these numbers in the manuals. When we shopped for our mini-x everyone had to look them up. The TB125 had more than the Bobcat 331.

  3. paul

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  4. Stonehenge

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    Thanks Paul. That's the first site I've found that lays out lifting ability like that. I've asked them for more info... :blob3:
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    I have used a Mini X once. Well, okay, I didn't dig with it, but I ran it for a while. I was on vacation and some guys were down the road from our cabin operating 2 mini x's. So, I went down and watched them for a while. Anyway, there was an excavator about the same size about a TB145 and a smaller one, like TB016. At first, the small one was helping the other one back fill the hill that they were working on, they were digging a trench and laying pipe for a septic system. So, once they got done running up and down the hill leveling it out with the blade, the little on went down the street to work on somebody's driveway. The big one was parked and the guy running it jumped out and was using a shovel. We started talking and he asked me if I wanted to drive it. I said sure and jumped into the cab. I must say, the controls were very smooth, very easy to use. I didn't dig or anything but just played with it. I've ran larger machines before (Deere 200LC) and it was just as nice and very well counter balanced. It seemed like it handled just about anything that came up, including some tree stumps they pulled out. That's my .02.

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  7. paul

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    Steve we are talking about mini excavators! not small loaders
  8. Technoid

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    I rented a Bobcat excavator to dig out a corner basement. The machine was small and quite manuverable. The bucket could reach out and down about 15 feet. Had a 20 hp briggs engine. Very smooth and quiet. The rental place told me that particular machine was bought for $25K new.
  9. hardscaper

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    I would go with your local dealer whatever make that would be. I have been quoted $15500 for a new unit with a 5'5" digging depth and track widening it also has aux. hyd. remotes to run a hammer, it was the smallest one I could find for our particular application.FYI
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    I just got a deal on a bobcat 320 mins-x and decided to buy it and then remembered this post.

    I've been renting the machine from my friend over the past year, and absolutely fell in love with it. He was downsizing his operation, so a good oppurtunity came to purchase.

    I'm already upset that I didn't have it before! Seems like I'm doing everything and anything with it now.

    I basically got sick of the slow operation of a tractor mounted backhoe.......even the bigger tractors with 40 or so hp can't compete with the efficiency of this thing, and all in all, the power is about the same. I'm so happy I don't have to do the old "flip the seat, move the tractor, flip the seat, dig, flip the seat, move the tractor, flip the seat, try to dig but realize you moved the tractor to far, flip the seat, move the tractor............etc. etc, etc.

    Buying used seemed the best way to go.....most guys are saying they get close to 3000hrs on them all most problem free. You can pick up a used one with half of that for a good deal less than new and be set for a long time.

    Just figured I may get your interest stirring again stonehenge to go out and buy one!


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