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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by HBS, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. HBS

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    I'm thinking of purchasing this model for my 3/4 acre yard. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Forgive me that I'm not a business, but I can't find another site that provides such thorough feedback on the Hustlers.

    Any other owners of this model been content with the power?

    Are the concerns about the "problematic" EZTs really an issue for residential?

    Is it worth paying an extra $1,000 over, say the Cub Cadet 22 HP v-twin?

    Yes, I'd rather pay for one good mower to last me 15-20 years.

    Thanks again.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Welcome to the LS Hustler forum!
    Everyone is welcome here to the Hustler forum, not just commercial users.
    The 16 Honda V-twin is a very popular model for us in the Mini FasTrak, I don't hear of anyone complaining about the power.
    I am not aware of any problematic EZT's, they have been pretty bullet proof when used in there intended application (home use), in fact we know of many customers that are using them in commercial applications and seem to have little to no problems with them.
    Absolutely worth it over the Cub.
    Look at both units closely, frames, decks, design, componenents... etc...etc... you are getting a much better built unit, with better engine and the warranty to back it up, 3 years!

  3. HBS

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    I have yet to test drive, but they look impressive up close.

    Just curious, how involved is it to replace an EZT?
  4. mike28nc

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    I have the 44"/16HP honda. I love the machine. I have hills and valleys in my 1 acre and have little to no problem. I do wish I had 18hp but if you go with 42" you only have two blades turnning so you would be fine with 16hp.

    This was my first year with it and cant count the time saved cutting the grass. If you need a good guy at the dealer let me know. Roy did a great job for us. Email me if you have any questions.
  5. nmurph

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    ditto to what mc said. i have the mft 17/42. it is absolutely capable for a 3/4 acre yard. no problems thus far. great cut, great warranty, great handling, FANTASTIC factory some of the post i have made, as well as those of others. Beware, there are those that simply think that anything less than dual pump/ dual motor hydraulics is a toy. they are mis-informed.
  6. HBS

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    Did you buy the bagger and/or mulching kit? If so, how do you like them?

    OSDOTF LawnSite Member
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    Maybe P.J. forgot to mention it, but the 16 hp Honda was originally to have been the only engine available for the three-blade 44" FasTrak.

    When Honda delayed the release of its new 16 hp vee-twin, Hustler's assembly line rolled instead with a 17.5 hp Briggs single (since discontinued). Later that first season, those wanting Honda power could get the 18 hp vee-twin, but the 16 hp engine was always considered adequate for the 44" FasTrak.

    Unlike Honda's older vee-twins which use pushrods, the GXV530 is a unique design featuring overhead camshafts driven by oil-bathed belts. Who would have ever imagined 50 years ago that someday we'd be able to buy a lawn mower with the same number of cams as a Ferrari GT and infinitely more reliable?
  8. HBS

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    Thanks for the feedback. Are you cutting fescue or a warm-season grass?
    I met Roy last week - seems like a good guy.
  9. mike28nc

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    I have all kinds of grass in my yard. Most of it is fescue. I live on the other side of Garner (east) with a Raleigh address. We love the machine. My 11year old loves to cut the grass. I was going to get the 42" but with my hills in the yard I went with the wider 44". That was the only reason.

  10. nmurph

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    negative on buying the bagger or mulch. i think that i remember reading that the mulch kit is essentially a chute block with no baffles under the deck. i cut every 4-5 days in the growing season on a well fertilized and watered yard. i also sharpen the blades every 5-7 cuts. the standard blades seem to do an adequate job of chopping the grass finely enough so that it is not noticeable.

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