Mini Fastrak or Mini Z

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    We will be replacing our 17hp/42" Craftsman tractor with a ZTR mower. We have a Dixon and Hustler dealer in our town. He didn't recommend the Dixon because of the new decks. He recommended the Mini Fastrak 16hp/36" or the 16hp/42", both Honda engines. Looking online we noticed the Mini Z 17hp/36 and the Mini Z 19hp/42", both Kawasakis.
    We will use this to mow 2 yards. One flat with a fence and a few trees - maybe 1/2 acre tops. The other with a fence, a few trees and a slope - maybe 1 acre or a little more. I'm not sure of the grade of the slope, but the Craftsman handled it with the driver sitting off the side of the mower seat. We need to spend less than $5K.
    What would be the best mower that would last for many years?:dizzy:
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    Both would last many years...
    The hydros in the Mini Z would be better suited for mowing slopes.
    I would lean towards the Mini Z in your application, but pricing is going to be really close to your limit.


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