Mini Fastrak Vs. SD Fastrak

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    I have had a mini fastrak 36 15 hp Kohler for about two years now to cut my acre property. It's a great little machine and I have had no mechanical issues with this unit whatsoever. My issue is I like to mulch the grass, and here in South Florida the grass is like a thick weed. I cut weekly but I really have to slow the unit down a lot to get through several thick areas (septic tank), and it does leave a lot of clumps. The motor starts bogging and straining in the thicker areas.

    I have tried both the Gator blades and wavy blades with no real difference in performance. My question is If I traded this unit up to the Super Duty 36 with the 17 hp Kaw. should I see a significant ability to mulch and get through these thick areas that I am having problems with now. Don't really care to spend another $2,500 with the trade, but willing to do so if I see a benefit.
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    Horsepower is what you need for your area.
    The extra 2hp you will get in the SD will help, but I think your still going to have to slow down a bit.
    Now the SD also is a commercial grade v-twin engine compared to the single cylinder Kohler engine on the Mini FasTrak.


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