mini forest needs to be cut a.s.a.p.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REENO, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. REENO

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    [SI[SIZE=7 :cool2: [/SIZE]i was in the market for a brushcutter/forest clearer, any ideas on the best one to get??
  2. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    Stihl FS80 can be used as a brush cutter or string trimmer, its the low end of the proffesional series, i personally own the FS55 trimmer, i beleive you can use a blade with it too, it retails for right at $200.00 i beleive
  3. REENO

    REENO LawnSite Member
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    what about the fs 350? whats the word on it?
  4. Oldtimer

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    The bigger the better! Too much horse power is almost enough!

    Buy the biggest brush cutter you can afford and make sure it comes with a full harness. With the harness adjusted correctly you will not even notice the weight. Wear a helmet system to protect your head, eyes & ears.

    A brush cutter can take down 6" diameter oak trees in just a few seconds with the right blade. Blade selection is based on the size of material your cutting. An 80 tooth saw blade must be used like a scythe while the blades which are stamped to look a bit like chain saw teeth and can be sharpened with a 7/32 file or a flat file can be used just like a chain saw. Never ever use the 3 or 4 tooth blades on a brush cutter. They are just too dangerous. The more teeth the blade has the safer it is. I have split a 4 tooth blade all the way back to the center hole.

    Been there, done that
  5. Tvov

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    Do you need a dedicated brush cutter? Otherwise, why not a large string trimmer with blade attachment? The dedicated brush cutters have the "bicycle handles" which I can't stand. We use a big Echo with changeable heads, works great. Use the right blade . As Oldtimer said. I think the 8-tooth blades are not worth buying. We usually use a 3-tooth grass blade, and bring along a blade (22 teeth I think?) with the "chainsaw shaped" teeth. Keep the blades sharp, and don't hit the ground or rocks!
  6. REENO

    REENO LawnSite Member
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    not really,i have a 4 stroke trimmer,but didnt want to get the attachments

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