Mini Mulch Blower??

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SSmith, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. SSmith

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    Do they make a mini mulch blower to accomidate a normal sized residential job? I've seen the big commercial ones out there.....

    If they are available...Has anyone used one??
  2. impactlandscaping

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    Finn makes a smaller , towable version of their express blower you can load from the pickup / dump bed. Check out their website for more info on it. Sorry, I have never used one, but have thought about buying one in the future as well. Matt from Groundcoversolutions could give you more info on the blower rigs.I think they have three or four in production.
  3. SSmith

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    I just talked to the Finn territory mgr. for SW Ohio (Tom Gilman) and inquired about the BB-200 mini mulch blower. This unit can be mounted to a truck or towed (recommended). It comes with 100 ft of hose and can put out 8+ yards of mulch per hour. The unit goes for $28,000.....they do have financing. I'll be talking to him and seeing one of these machines at the Ohio Turf/Grass convention in Columbus next week.
  4. SSmith

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    Just wanted to bump this thread up and see if anyone has ever used one of these machines. It looks like a terrific purchase if you plan on doing a lot of mulch jobs. It also looks to be good for small commercial applications.
  5. Groundcover Solutions

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    I have never used one that small but it seems to me it would be a pain. You would need a skidsteer I would assume to keep it loaded. You could increase productivity but with a unit that small you are still going to need 3 guys working it pluse your loader and other equpment. The main sell of our jobs are larger commercial jobs, they don't want to see a mulch pile on there property and since we order mulch in such large quantities we can get mulch a a much lower price. Mulch blowing can be quite profitable in the commercial market. As for residential I am not too sure, we do some lager residential jobs. If you could get a row of homes i would think it could be profitable. Also a hundred feet of house is not a tone of house, our turcks hold around 400 ft. The smaller market is a whole different market so I do not know much about it. It wouuld take some digging to see if the market can sustaine a piece of equipment like this.
  6. jawinchester

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    We currently run a 20yd blower and find that it handles residential jobs nicely because of its size. It is a unit that is on an International 4900 truck. We have had it for a year and are in need for something larger. I don't know the capacity of the mini blower you are talking about. But I definately would not go for anything smaller. 20yder typically go for under 100,000 and are a great starter size. No large commitment and us being a new start up business in that industry definately made it a comfortable move for us.
  7. VampireCat019

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    $100k isn't a large commitment?? Hah!
  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    Are you trying to make yourself feel good? 100k is a large investment for almost any company, much less a startup landscape company
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    Jawinchester, how far north of Lake Stevens do you go?
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    10 year old thread bump

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