Mini Skid or Small CTL

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by getmowtivated, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. getmowtivated

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    We put about 350 hours a year on our mini skids. We use them all day every day. No matter what brand none of them hold up longer than a year in my opinion. Anyone thought about going up to a smaller tracked CTL like a Cat 239/249?

    My thoughts are this; I can have one set of attachments for both of our machines. One dealer to service everything. Much better production rates. Operator comfort/safety/etc.

    Yea you lose some of the getting into really tiny gated backyards but honestly we don't do much of that. The purchase price isn't too far off comparatively when you look at the new mini skids. Ctx100 DW1550 etc.

    Thoughts or experience?
  2. UniqueLandscapes1

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    I just got a dw1550 and love it so far. But obviously not much use yet. Just curious what issues you’ve had after a year with your mini’s. Most guys I had asked that had them said the DW was pretty bullet proof.
    I know lots of guys like the avant tractors on here and other places. I thought about one but the big nursery by me has had 2 for a few years and says they are junk and had nothing but problems. I talked to multiple guys there and they told me never to get one. So who knows. I like to hear other guys experiences though with different machines.
  3. brichter14

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    Get better employees if your skids are only lasting one year. That’s just neglect or misuse.

    Mini skid all day. I have an sk800 and love it. I loaded 7 tons of rock to day into a wheelbarrow and spread it all before lunch. It was pretty wet so I didn’t drive the machine on the lawn. A small sit down loader woulda been a pain in the ass for me today too much getting in and getting out. But they fit really well with our 2 man operation. Everybody’s different.
  4. kawakx125

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    350hrs per year is hardly all day every day use
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  5. S-205

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    Yeah this is a broad question it really depends what you need to do with the machine. We had both for a time and we used the mini skid on all the patios and lawn renos because the bigger Bobcat didn't fit. Depends how big the properties are.
    There will always be times you wish you had the smaller machine and times you wish you had the bigger.

    Or just get both....



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  6. Mdirrigation

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    If you are wearing out mini skids after a year and only 350 hours . SOMETHING is SERIOUSLY WRONG .
    A buddy of mine has a dingo and a ditch witch mini . His men constantly abuse these machines , over load them , roll them , catch them on fire . They are 7 to 8 years old look like hell and they still do the job . He repairs them quite a bit . Hours on the machines are well over 4000 .

    350 hours isnt even broke in
  7. Bigred350

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    I got 1500 hours on my boxer and all I have ever done is change oil.

    A mini skid and skid steer are 2 differnt types of machines and each have there place. It sounds like you need 1 of each.
  8. stringfellohawk

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    I'm thinking that he forgot a 0 in his account of all day, every day. Add a 0 and his claim makes more sense for wear...but that'd mean his guys are working 70 hour weeks for 50 weeks.

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