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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by lino9408, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. lino9408

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    Im looking into getting a mini skid so i got a demo from vermeer, i got the s800tx today and was playing around with it a bit at my house and this thing has some power. :weightlifter: If i have time tomarrow ill put a video up, i have the grappling claw and the shovel, so if you guys want me to try something out let me know and ill see if i can put it in the video.


  2. Mowingkid35

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    Are those mini skids really worth it?? We do a lot of landscaping and have thought about it before but never tried one. Just wondering what your opinion is on the machines
  3. lino9408

    lino9408 LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    I've actually been thinking the same for about month, but since ive never owned one i cant answer that question myself. It seems very efficient and time saving, so i got a demo to try it out, i guess well just have to wait and see. On Monday were going to use it at a job sit and ill keep you updated on how good or bad the machine is. for now im just going to play with it at my house to see what its capable of.
  4. AlpineMark

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    I own a Vermeer S600TX and there are things I love about it and also things I hate about it.

    Joystick controls: better then ditch witch and bobcat
    Diesel engine
    Versatility: I have a bucket and vibratory plow.

    I have roughly 440 hours on my machine and I have already had to replace the tracks once. I have had to replace the radiator twice and the hydraulic cooling fan once. This might be due to the fact that I use the vibra plow. Vermeer seemed to have re-engineered this last radiator so I hope it will not have as many problems.
    Grading with the normal bucket is a pain.

    Overall for me this machine was worth it because of the versatility. One can basically get the same attachments for this as they could for a full size skid steer. Options are endless.

    Hopefully this is helpful even if it is not a review of the S800.
  5. lino9408

    lino9408 LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    What kind of jobsites use it on? And I found the grappling claw very use full!!
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  6. AlpineMark

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    I use the vermeer for mainly new landscape installs. Like I mentioned before mine gets a lot of use pulling irrigation pipe. That is why I think I have gone through the radiators and cooler; lots of vibration. The track setup on the 800 looks to be better designed then on the 600.
  7. arbor pro

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    I've owned the 600tx and it was a nice machine. very comfortable to operate. Never operated the new 800 though. I prefer the ditch witch sk650 over the vermeer 600. It has more power which is what it's all about. Can't compare it to the 800 as I mentioned - I haven't tried it.

    I'll be selling one of my dw sk650s soon if anyone is interested. I have two - a 2007 with 530 hrs and a 2006 with 960hrs. scott 605-228-9350.

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