Mini skid steer?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bunton Guy, Jun 30, 2012.

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    sk650 is a good machine the 350 is ok too if you want to save money, though I once rented a bobcat and i liked the joystick. Boxer also have a pretty cool machine were the tracks move in and out...can't remember the model I've used--I like the Boxer's track movement to get them just right when installing mega mini rolls of track on dirt, and the other track pressing the seams.
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    The idea of having the Boxer's tracks side in and out seem cool and useful, but as the other members were saying the cylinder is exposed on the underside of a machine that is meant to travel across your job sites.

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    I've got a boxer with over 1000 hard hours on it. I have never had a single problem with the ram that pulls the tracks in have I heard of a problem.
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    I have a Boxer 427. It is not diesel but has a good balance of power and does minimal damage to turf and grounds. I've used the sk 650 and i believe the sk 500. I like both of those as well. Mine will only lift 600lbs before tipping. That has only hampered us while doing sod. None of the mini will lift a pallet of sod. An earlier poster mentioned the controls on the boxer were awkward. I learned on the SK 650 and then bought the Boxer and found it a easy transition to the different controls. Now the Ditch witch controls are awkward to me.
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    I'm curious to know what size bucket you used on that job (width & cu/ft capacity of bucket?), because I am in the market for one and want to get one that will be productive, yet will be narrow enough to fit through gates. Thanks DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING
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    Which model?
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