Mini Skid to replace my Kubota MX6800?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nosparkplugs, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I am going to rent my first mini-skid steer next week a Toro Dingo TX425wide track 25 hp Kohler air cooled gas burner, for a landscape job next week.

    If I am impressed with the mini skid steer, I am going to most likely purchase one a Diesel model for sure. Toro, Vermeer, Ditchwitch are the only dealers here in Memphis. The top of the Line Boxer 532DX diesel, the closest dealer is Nashville.

    Here's the Specs:

    (Best in Class) is the Boxer 532DX diesel variable track size (No Local Dealer!!)

    32HP Kubota Diesel
    14.5GPM Aux flow
    Operating capacity 50% tip load 1,050lbs
    Tip capacity 2,100lbs
    variable track 35" expandable to 43.5"
    Standard ride on plateform

    Toro Dingo TX525 Wide track Diesel (local dealers)

    25HP Kubtoa Diesel
    13.8GPM Aux flow
    Tip capacity 1,580lbs
    Rated operating capacity 35% tip 553lbs
    No ride plate on plateform (must order$)

    Ditchwitch/Vermeer identical to the Toro Dingo Wide track in specs

    Attachments to purchase

    Multipurpose bucket or grapple?

    we do not do new homes or jobs where turf damage is NOT an issue, all of my Lawn & landscape jobs are tread lightly, or fix damage at my cost. Currently I am just throwing sheer volumes of manual labor at the jobs, need to reduce labor costs. I also do bushogging, so this could be another use of this Mini Skid Steer, cheaper to run than a Kubota MX6800 4x4 & 60" landpride bushog, thats what it would replace, that tractor is usless on my Landscaping Jobs to big for the jobs/yards, and the pipeline is easy to mow now, could do with a Bad Boy AOS diesel in section(a thought), other sections without 4x4 or tracks your stuck (ZTR) out of question here, and the terrain is such (bump) wet their is no speed advantage with the tractor average BH speed is 5MPH. I would be out there bushogging with a Mini Skid Steer. Am I crazy, no new trailer to transport the machine, also reducing overhead. No more $60 a month storage fee's this would fit on my personal property. Here's a link to the Boxer 532DX with a Bushog attachment, all I need is a sun shield.:cool2:.
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    Some have described the new Boxer 532DX as the "spec sheet king" which in all catergories it is, however how does it perform in the real world?

    I guess demo'ing all machines before purchasing is what is really the ultimate test.

    A few things I have come across during my research for mini skids is the hydraulic pump output. Average seems to be 45-50L/min where as some are up around 55L/min. Now what is more important, the L/min or the pressure at which it is being delivered?

    For example, the Australian Dingo K9-4 (link) delivers 45L/min at 3400psi. How does this compare to the Boxer 532DX which delivers 55L/min at a lesser 3000psi??

    Another important feature which should be evaluated is the number of hydraulic outlets. Some have 2, some have 3 and the good ones have 4. Are these important in the overall performance of the machine?

    I guess what I am asking is, what really is the most important factor when determing power output of a mini skid?
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    I would not always go by a spec sheet when making my decisions. Some companies have to wow the potential buyer with their spec sheets hoping that will sell their machine. I do sell Dingos and am yet to find a machine that performs better. The machine has a four pump system that ensures each function gets enough flow to perform efficiently. I would demo each and then make my own decisions. I would also try to do head to head demos of the different brands at the same time. Some dealers do not like doing this but I enjoy them.
  4. P.Services

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  5. nosparkplugs

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    Meet with the Toro sales Rep early today, got a new 2008 Toro Dingo TX525 Diesel wide track quote in writing for $18,190.71. Going to meet monday to start the paperwork for loan approval, and then going to rent a Toro Dingo TX425 Kohler gas powered wide track for my next job. I am looking at the Bushog attachment, and Multi-purpose bucket. I agree while the Boxer 532DX is the "spec" king, their is no local dealer for service after the sale, the Toro DIngo TX 525 Kubota diesel is a great machine from what I have been hearing now that I am serious about the purchase.
  6. nosparkplugs

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    I do not purchase used equipment; especially on something that will be my right hand human "labor" replacement. Diesel power is just the most dependable, efficient, and most torque option in a compact mini skid steer. Thanks for the link though good pictures.
  7. kreft

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    3 morre.......
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    While there may be no Boxer dealer in Memphis, there is one in Jackson, TN. That's less than an hour away from Memphis. Moore Machinery Sales. Here is their you will find that the dingo is greatly under sized compared to alot of compacts. Take the hour drive. I was very impressed with the Boxers. A wide track and narrow track in one unit.......I plan on getting some numbers from moore machinery this week on the 532DX Boxer. It takes you an hour to drive across Memphis so I think I would consider Jackson local to Memphis.
  9. BrandonV

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    my friend you need a dw zahn from what I'm reading into this. Its articulated and I'd think w/ the turf tires you'd be money. I have 2 sk650s and I love them to death but anything tracked is going to do some damage, the zahn can run all the same attachments and though it'll be a little slower I'd take a hard look at one of those. They have a supper hopper attachment for material handling as well, which is sounds like what you need.


  10. RockSet N' Grade

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    before you get all consumed by specs take a look at the riding platforms that each of these units offers........where they sit on the machine, height off ground, is it removable, does it have a wheel on it and follow the machine........I have looked at all the specs and got sidetracked by all the numbers until I just looked at the simple unit including the riding platform.......and the advantages/disadvantages to each, it will certainly narrow your search down to two that you mentioned and one that you did not. I would also highly consider the dwzahn as tomscreek mentioned.....

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