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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by pblc, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I don't understand this statement. If grass will die when cut with a sod cutter, then how do they create..... sod? They cut the grass at the farm with the cutter, machine rolls it up or stacks it, and you lay it back down. What am I missing? We primarily have kentucky bluegrass here.
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    Just like irrigation, when a professional sod company cuts the sod on flat ground with the correct equipment it turns out great.

    When irrigation companies cut sod with a little crappy sod cutter that doesn't cut deep enough and it is on all different kinds of slopes is turns out bad. They end up basically scalping the grass off the ground instead of cutting a few inches of earth with it.

    There are 2-3 smaller companies that do that around here, and it always looks like crap. The larger companies flat out refuse to do it because you get so many complaints that the grass died.

    I always suggest to back fill, and let the grass grow back over it. If it is Bermuda, or KBG, I suggest to the home owner to seed the trenches. Even if you do not seed the trenches eventually the Bermuda will grow back over it. Not sure about KBG.
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    Bluegrass is what I'd visualize for sodcutting, but I would agree that the idea isn't practical. Warm weather quickly grows back the grasses specific to those climates, and colder climates are more likely to have installers using plows.
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    If you are buying used i would try to get a dingo 425 or a bobcat mt55. They seem to be the best value. You should be able to find a 425 for 5-6k with low hours and a mt55 for $7500 with low hours.

    We trench 12-18". I have good luck with bradco and dingo trencher attachments.
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    If I have to trench across existing lawn I will offer sod cutting as an option.
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    I have cut sod first a time or two. Usually in response to a client's request or in one instance just to shut the old biddy up. Had a real temptation to chuck her sorry ass in the mainline with all that pipe.
    Regardless, if the sod cutter gets trotted out - I get more money. So I couldn't care one way or the other.
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    One reason to keep the old Pipe Piper around, is that, with the attachment, it's a kickass sodcutter.

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  9. Mike Leary

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    Manpower is a waste of time and money. If you're trenching into an existing landscape, this "little trencher that could" is the answer, we've had two of them:

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    I cut sod when I was doing installation in my yard. It was laying for a week in 90F heat. I thought it was dead too but after about 2 weeks it greened up.

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