Mini Skid & Trenchers - Help Please

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by pblc, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. arbor pro

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    my phone is (605) 228-9350.

    I have 2008 sk650 with 420 +/- hrs, a trencher, broom, stump grinder, grapple and auger. Just sold my vib plow but I see others advertised for around $2500 and could help you find a good used one. Vib Plows work great on a sk650.

  2. Northern Irrigator

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    I am a long term irrigation contractor and we have typically been a Case Maxi user (we have 5), but have smaller and larger equipment up to a Case 660, mini excavator, etc. We have been doing a lot of drainage work the last couple of years as well and have loved our mini skid, but have had BAD luck trenching with it. It has been underpowered and the trenchers have not held up well. Our other problem is that with a SKID steer the machine is not articulated and you can't turn easily. I am looking a bit at a ditch witch Zaan r300 to add to our fleet as I have heard good things from other irrigation contractors. We are demoing a tracked zaan in the next couple weeks as well as an sk650. Does anyone have any knowledge or opinions on this? We plow and we trench for for irrigation, and I'm told the zaan needs to have a low lift to plow, but we want a high lift and a trencher combination for drainage work. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with mini skid plowing/ trenching and the ability to turn?
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    Zahns rock! Demoed one... havent talked owner into getting one yet, but my gosh! awesome unit!
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    I was told by another contractor that they tear up less and can get into areas that you can't get anything else into. He said with the 4 tracks it pulls like nothing else and cornered tighter and better. I just am having trouble getting over the gas motor and smaller HP for the same money...

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