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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. cedarhammock

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    Bought a 650 Vermeer .... I love it, blew the Bobcat away. I can take my tree boom and lift the back of a 3/4 ton pickup 2 feet off the ground and it will also pick up a 400lbs tree up at the end of a 5ft tree boom. It is super smooth, and way faster than the bobcat. I would def consider one. but if your budget is tight then it might turn you away. IMO either one you buy you will be happy with it was by far the best investment I have ever made for my business

    I never got to use the DW cause the dealer would never call me back after I left 3 messages
  2. Armsden&Son

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    Oooh Weee!!!

    I have not ran the Vermeer but heard great things about that one too!

    Those are some impressive specs...

    Glad you found something you are happy with...
  3. larryinalabama

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    Id get a 28 to 40 hp 4wd tractor with FEL, it would be cheaper and the resale is by far better. Not tomention the attachments are a fraction of the cost of dingo attachments.
  4. cedarhammock

    cedarhammock LawnSite Member
    from Florida
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    Just for debates, I have a 40hp new holland boomer its does a great job ... but when you have the room to turn it around, I use the tractor still but not near as much as I use the mini, plus I can throw the vermeer on the trailer and load up material with it.

    And a regular tractor wont run high speed attachments like stump grinders, front mowers, and tillers. Yes I know you can get those for the 3pt hitch but if your looking for compact then your not gonna get a 40hp tractor in those areas

    But again this my OPINION and you all know what they say opinions are like
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  5. P.Services

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    I own a zahn and a sk755. Both great machines. Basically the zahn is for running on existing landscapes. Grass, pavers drive ways. The sk755 is for the new builds and mud.
    Zahn is a great machine.
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  6. larryinalabama

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    40 hp hew Holland is a nice machine. A 28hp is a lot smaller, and may be more versitle and a lot cheaper.

    Im not argueing.........just adding to the discussion.

    I do know that Dingos don't hold their value worth a crap.
  7. ArTurf

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    I have a BC MT55 and though I don't dislike the machine I would prob go with DW if I had to do it over. One reason is the stand-on platform on the BC leaves a lot to be desired. The other reason is when I ordered the BC it took 2 months to get to me which I should have taken that as a hint. This year I ordered a vibe plow and after 6 weeks it still had not left the factory. I finally canceled the order after talking to others on this site who mentioned getting repair parts can be the same hassle. Not sure if DW is the same way.
  8. Green Leaf Turf

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    We have both the MT 55 and the DW 750 (and a few smaller DWs). Our guys love the 750 and hate the 55. They cuss the mt 55 every time. Platform sucks on the MT 55, breaks easy. You are higher up and can see around the machine a lot better on the DW 750. The bucket on the DW makes it a lot easier to back drag when grading with the machine. DW 750 will pick up a pallet of sod, (500 sf) with two guys on the back, but not really a safe thing and is maxing the machine out. Overall we would have never bought the MT 55 knowing what we do now.

    - We run around 15 BC t650 track loaders also. They are good!
  9. meets1

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    Great info Green leaf turf. That is alot of skids running around everyday as well. I am still torn bt the Zahn and 750.
  10. DirtDogs

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    What did you finally go with?
    I have 2 rubber tire Dingos, DW R300 Zahn, IHI 15nx mini-excavator.
    I have had my DW R300 Zahn, 1 year now.

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