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Northern NJ
Does anyone own one of the mini skidsteers? I do mainly small scale plantings and lawns on 5-10k sq. ft. properties. Would one of these be of much help in moving soil, plants, blocks etc? Are the hoe attachments worth the money?


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Any equipment will help you do your job faster is better than paying labor. Now that iI said that make sure your equipment is up to the task,(if you must move bricks you don't want to have to take a pallet apart by hand just so you can move 1/4 or 1/2 of it). Paver carts are faster and cheaper than that machine, also look in to cost of atachments, it seems that after you get done with all the extras you could have gotten a &quot;real machine&quot; one that could lift and carry what you need. I know that I do bigger jobs, but you would have the ablity to do them too. <p>----------<br>paul<br>


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morristown, nj
hello,<p>I am only part time and still working on finding my niche in the market, so the mini-skid steer does seem to spark some interest in me.<p>I think the big thing here is how are you going to use the machine? For me, I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that I only want to do smaller jobs, and stay away from ones that require much more time. I just can't compete as well when pricing out larger jobs against other contractors who are set up for them. A hell of a lot more time and planning are required for the big jobs, and things like weather and 'unforseen' events can really screw up my schedule. For this reason, the machine seems to have great potential.<p>I've done many jobs now where I would love to have had a machine like the mini's. Wheelbarreling dirt around all day is not fun, and I don't want to kill my self physically anymore. It really starts to pay its toll on the body, especially when you are doing EVERYTHING by yourself.<p>My thoughts were this. I was looking into a toro dingo (the tracked version) and then getting a dump trailer to pull behind my rack body dump. This setup really seems to have potential. The dump trailer would be perfect for hauling it around and also, because of its low height, would be perfect for dumping materials into since the mini's don't have a high lift capacity.<p>My thoughts were, for example on small mulch/planting jobs, that I could pull up to a job with the dingo on the trailer, mulch in the back of the truck, and all other supplies there too. Then, could edge, clean, plant beds, dump all the debry in the trailer, use the dingo (maybe get a oversized light material bucket) for mulch, and then when finished, load everything back up and be done with the job, all in one shot. It definitely has potential.<p>For the jobs I'm doing, this would be a perfect set-up. Like I said though, it really depends on where you want to go with your business. If you want to concentrate on smaller jobs, and stay away from the big ones, then it seems like it would be very pratical. As of the time being, there are tons of 'smaller' jobs out there, and doing 4 small jobs instead of 1 big one seems to be a lot less hassle for me.<p>As for price, I think they are still a 'novelty' item, and prices are a little high. It is hard to think about spending 20K for one with a few attachments when you can spend the same amount on a larger used tractor or full size skid steer. <p>I think that, if you need a big machine, you could rent one for the day at least and get the bulk of the work done. Then come in with the mini and do all the smaller work. It's nice to have a piece of equipment around a job site to move larger rocks, buckets of dirt, etc. without having to bust your hump, which if your renting a machine, is hard to have it sitting around at 150 per day to just move a few buckets of dirt around.<p>steveair<p>