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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mzgloves20, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. mzgloves20

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    Well, it's time. I've come to a point in business where I need more muscle in smaller areas.

    I want to get a mini skid steer. I've been net browsing the Vermeer, Boxer, Ditchwitch (those 3 primarily). I'm looking for good lift height, good tipping capacity and tracktive performace. I've seen the bobcat mini's get stuck in MINImal wetness. Oh, and it has to be a stand on, diesel and tracked. No walking if im spending that much cabbage.

    Anyone use or have any input on models? I stopped at my local and only Vermeer shop and they only had chippers and boring machines. I was also ignored for twenty minutes before I left the store. Grr....

    Thanks :)
  2. White Gardens

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    I like the toro dingo the best. (any model) They seem to have just as many or more attachments than anyone else and if I need a specialized attachment I can go to the local chain rental company and usually they have the attachment I need.
  3. Oasis-Outdoor

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  4. Bigred350

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    Ive got a diesel boxer. I would buy 2 more if I could afford it. Ive got 600 hard hours on it and never had any problems. I have buried it up the the frame in mud many times and it still kept pulling through it.
  5. Branch manager

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    If experience has taught me anything, it might be go beyond your current expectations. My brother bought ASV30 from Vermeer in Pella,Ia. We call it the 'back-saver'; we used to bull chunks onto truck, and throw them off. Now we load with grapple over side and rear, and dump load on the 2500HD with hoist from Canada,via Buffalo. I know what these compact loaders cost; just suggesting upgrade,upfront. I can carry 1000# and do a 180 on a 4x8 with little scuffing, and love every minute init!.:rolleyes::waving:
  6. BrandonV

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    the vermeer is by far the most fun to drive, the dw sk650 is the workhorse out of the group, very powerfull and very fast... I own 2.
  7. mzgloves20

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    So, I'd like to thank Jon from Vermeer (who happened to read my post) for stepping up to the plate and making his company look good. He helped arrange a demo of the 600Tx.

    Let everyone know how it goes!

    Thanks Jon
  8. mzgloves20

    mzgloves20 LawnSite Member
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    Looks like a neat little skidder. I have been interested in the ASV stuff for a while. Seem to have very efficient track machines. How is the pushing power for grading and such?

    I still need something narrow to fit through a lot of residential gates....
  9. mzgloves20

    mzgloves20 LawnSite Member
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    Does yours have the retractable tracks?
  10. ropinghorns

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    I have the 224 and it's tracks go down to 22 1/2 inches. It is gas 24 hp.

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