Mini Super Z - I think I'm in love...

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ssmokn, Aug 18, 2007.

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    I haven't been by this site in a while. I'm not sure you can "love" a mower but if you can I do...

    At the beginning of last season I was shopping around for a zero turn. Did some homework in the local retailers and online (including this site). I tend to "overbuy". I've never felt like I bought to much but I have felt the other way on occasion.

    I ended up buying a 2 year old Super Mini Z 52" with a 25HP Kawasaki from one of the two dealers that are close to me. It had 2 hours on it and never cut grass (went to a couple of shows and then sat in the showroom -- the commercial guys were going for the larger frame units -- worked out to my advantage). The unit also had a complete bagging system (I forget the name now but it was the one Hustler was using before offering their own). They wanted to move this mower out and they made me a deal I couldn't refuse. They even went as far as changing oil, filter, fuel filter and putting a new battery in it since it was sitting for so long. I didn't even have to ask... They brought it up first.

    Anyway, I bag early spring (first few cuts) and fall (for leave pickup) otherwise I just send the clippings back onto the lawn cutting every about every 5 days.

    I'm thrilled with this machine. I have a hilly yard and I'm glad I didn't go with smaller motor. The unit works on the hills with the bagger and occasional wet leaves or grass (doesn't strain but works). The unit never misses a beat and I very pleased with the engineering. I do all my own maintenance and I love how serviceable the machine is. I've gotten too used to things being difficult to service. I appreciate products are made with serviceability in mind.

    My mowing time is about an hour (I can do 50 minutes if I'm in a rush) and I don't need to do any trimming with a push mower. I do a bit fine tuning with my weed wacker and clean up with my blower and in 90 minutes my yard looks like a million bucks.

    I'm looking forward to mowing my lawn again in the morning :) I changed the hydro oil and filter today (went with M1 15W50 without the Lubrizol) as well as an engine oil/filter change and grease.

    Thanks for a nice machine!!!

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