Mini track.Gas or Diesel?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by xtreem3d, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. SDLandscapes VT

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    you can buy a conversion plate....I have it and we do this for several's a bit spendy but more convenient than fabbing something
  2. BrandonV

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    They can sell you a plate to mount to your bbcat attachements, i did. Bobcat still likely makes the best attacement you can buy. Love my tiller and trencher.
  3. White Gardens

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    Your better off sticking with the TORO attachment plate. Usually there is only one bobcat dealer in the area, and then multiple rental houses in the area that have attachments for mini-skids.

    In my case, I go rent what I need at the closest rental house to save time on the rental, and travel expense. If I had to go to bobcat, I'd waste time driving across town each time I needed something.

    As for gas/versus diesel. I went with the gasser to save about 3k. So if money is a factor, you might want to take that into consideration.

    My machine doesn't get used daily, so that's another consideration.

    The money I also saved allowed me to buy a backhoe attachment for my mini to help dig holes and foundations for retaining walls. That attachment is worth it's weight in gold as I generally don't need to rent a mini-ex in most situations.

    As for power, sure it's not quit as powerful as a diesel, but 90% of the time it doesn't matter in my case as I just need to mini to take out the labor more than anything. The way I look at it, the extra power you get is only going to save you a minimal amount of time. The 27hrs kohler is a little lacking though and I hope it gets trashed some day so I have a good reason to put a 33horse generac in the sucker to make it hum.

    And to all you DW owners, Vermeer now has the S650TX with the extra pump! So if you don't like the lever control for the tracks and prefer the pilot controls of the vermeer, then you might want to take a look at it. I'm actually going to demo one next Friday for giggles at the Vermeer dealer close to me.

    I'd also like to try out the S800TX.
  4. arbor pro

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    I sold my 2008 sk650 a couple weeks ago but I might sell my new one with only 15 hours as I really need capital to build a shop. I've got another older mini sitting around I can use. Hate to sell it but I guess that's how it goes.

    Diesels are the way to go. As already mentioned, they're much quieter than gassers and also much thriftier on the fuel. That's a big cost savings in the long run. the extra power of a diesel doesn't hurt either - especially when the engine really lugs down.

    Vermeer makes a very nice mini - can't go wrong there. Ditch Witch just makes a better one IMO...

    scott - Arbor pro
  5. Bigred350

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    Diesel for sure. My boxer can run 2 days straight trenching on 5 gal. of fuel.
  6. arbor pro

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    As mentioned, just get an adapter plate or just do like I've done and order a mini skid mount plate and weld that onto the bobcat attachment. $80 and it now fits onto your dingo, ditchwitch, vermeer, etc without the need for an adapter plate.

    You interersted in a sk650?
  7. KrayzKajun

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    glad this thread came up. looking at an 08' Vermeer 600tx (gas) w/ 380hrs for $10k. wonder if i should shop around for a diesel. im gunna keep my wheeled skidsteer for heavier work.
  8. arbor pro

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    so I sold my sk650 but took in trade a 2003 bobcat mt-50 mini skid. If anyone's interested in a diesel mini with only 950 hrs and good running condition, I'll be selling this one with a bucket for $7500. also have a bobcat trencher and an auger that I could sell seperately or as a package deal. can ship pretty reasonably.

    scott in SD 605-228-9350
  9. White Gardens

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    My S600TX is a gasser and it does what I need it to. A lot of guys on this site will lean towards the argument that not only is a diesel going to have more power, but also how the SK650 is a more powerful machine than the Vermeer.

    Personally, in our case, the S600TX has got enough power to do what I ask it to. The money I saved getting a gas unit allowed us to buy a Ram-Rod back-hoe attachment in which the machine has plenty of power to run. I would be lying though if I said the Kohler is a good motor. Just like any Kohler, the rpm's drop too much under heavy load. If the motor gets trashed, I'm sticking a 33 horse Generac in it.

    Very good threads on mini's.

  10. KrayzKajun

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    Got question for ArborPro and the others with mini skids. Looked at a Boxer 530x today w/ 368hrs, 30hp kholer, I loved how the tracks are adjustable width wise. They are asking $12k. May go take a second look at it.
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