Mini track.Gas or Diesel?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by xtreem3d, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Most of the time I get lucky and can raise my attachments over the fence when going through the gate, but yes, excellent point.

    There's been a couple of times where I have to push a bucket through sideways, or in the case of my back-hoe attachment, I have to take a couple of pins out to get the out-riggers in tight.

  2. alexschultz1

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    if a gate is stopping you from doing a job in a backyard just explain the situation and charge for the labor on removing and replacing the section of fencing. Problem solved.
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    We bought a Toro Dingo 525 wide track in 2010 and use the machine almost everyday. This machine has been the best purchase we have ever made in regard to profit.

    We demoed the vermeer and we were not to impressed. My buddy who owns a landscaping company has 2 ditch witch 650s and he says they are always in the shop for repair (turned me off from the start). we also demoed the big Boxer diesel machine and it was alright. The salesmen really didnt know how the machined worked and when I got on it neither did I.

    The 525 has done everything I needed it to do. It does not carry a 2500 lb load of sod or a 4000 lb pound of pavers. It does dig, carry, dump, trench, and auger better than anything I could have asked for
  4. arbor pro

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    I'm on my 4th sk650 now and have had no issues whatsoever; however, I tend to sell them before they turn 1000hrs as I do with stump grinders and other equipment. Were yours higher hour/older machines?
  5. esenterprise

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    Na, I never owned a ditch witch. I think my buddies 650's were like 300 hours and 500 or something like that.
  6. SDLandscapes VT

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    I ve beat the snot out of mine and just crossed over 300 hours--still on original tracks and have had no issues

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