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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Im down the road considering a mini track hoe and have been thinking about it for several years. What is the idea weight and size to have that is just right in most of your guys opinion behind a 3/4 ton? Im thinking Cat,Deere,Case,Komatsu, or Volvo. Im sure there is some other good brands out there such as Kubota andTakeuchi. I know Takeuchi makes some excavating equipment but with Kubota they dont make hardly any excavating equipment which kinda concerns me. I do see allot of theres around but for some reason I feel someone such as Cat or Deere may be better since they have been making Constuction equipment forever. Yes, I know the Deere is really a Hitachi machine. Also what about these backfill blades they have on them? I know they are good to fill in with but besides that are they very hand? They always looked really awkward to me with the boom and all on the machine. Im thinking a zero house swing machine may be best for me. Is there mutch price difference between them and the old convetional style? I have read some of what other people have said on these boards. As far as what Im am going to do with it is still up for debate. I guess jsut small odds and end jobs that dont take a bunch of skill and move up to tougher things down the road.
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    Before you can pick an ideal weight of machine or brand you will need to first narrow down what you what want to do with the machine. I like the zero swing/zero tail Takeuchi machines in the 12K range but that may not be whats right for you. First find a mission for the machine then pick the machine to get it done.
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    Lots of good questions, but with out knowing what kind of work you'll be getting/doing hard to answer. I've been looking at that type of machine and all the major brands are good, I would spend time trying to figure out which dealer would be best for you. For what it's worth with a 3/4 ton truck I would buy a 8000lb machine, but it would be better to rent some first.
  4. Fieldman12

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    As said before not sure what I am going to use it for. Probably things like removing stumps, putting in some pipe, it's hard to say really what all. I would like to stay more with ag related jobs like on farms and maybe some residential work. I know it would be too small for demolition. I might decide to do some of that way down the road and some tree clearing. As for now just want to do smaller jobs.
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    A 35 size mini is about a much weight as I would put behind a 3/4 ton pickup.
    I have a 35c deere and it has been a very good machine,I ordered a new 35d deere mini and it will be here in may.My next pick would be a Komatsu but parts can get very pricey.And the case is the same machine as a new holland and kobelco so pick your color.By adding attachments you can do may things with a mini-x,here are a few you can add to do different work mower,brush rake,auger,hammer,tilt bucket,stump grinder,thumb and different buckets.
    The more things it can do the more work you will get.

  6. Construct'O

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    Most of my work is farm related.I got a used Cat 303 CR and today i used it to to clean out beaver dams that was backing water out into the farmers cornfield and over the ends of his drainage tile outlet pipes.

    I will also be doing tile repair work and using it to dig in my field tile line connections when i'm installing my drainage tile.It weights in at about 7600 lbs with the cab.

    I was impressed with it today.It has the long stick good reach for it's size.I was wanting a 10,000 lb size machine ,but this one seems to be the one for my work so far.

    It sure slings the mud and sticks that the beavers used to build there dam,plus it had to go through mud to get to where i could dig.

    I demo a Deere 35 D this summer and it was a nice machine.It seems the Cat is performing better, but they are both pretty close.The Cat hydraulics seem smoother to me.Time will tell.Good luck.
  7. Fieldman12

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    Yeah, I like both the Cat and Deere machines. A friend has a Deere mini ex that he likes he just bought a few months ago new. I figure if I stay ag the jobs will most likely be but not always out in a field and they usually have more money to spend than most residential owners around me.

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