Mini Z 19/42 vs Fastrack 18/44 or 20/52

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Scott S., May 10, 2006.

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    I've been looking at the Fastracks for some time now and am ready to buy one. Demo'd the 18/44, and now I understand why the left fuel tank was beat up so bad. The deck doesn't sit out far enough from the wheels to do a nice trim job. Is the 20/52 going to be any better? My only problem with that mower is it is overkill for my application (slightly over 1/2 acre). I've been looking at the Mini Z 19/42 and that seems to fit the bill, but none of my local dealers carry them so I can't see how much the deck overhangs for trimming purposes. I've been told the frame is simalar to the Mini Fastrack, but can't find any specs to confirm that.

    The other issue I have is that I like to pull a plug airator over my yard once a year. I've heard the FT can do it with the IZT trannies, but what about the Mini Z and it ZT trannies?
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    The trim on the 52" models is about 6", so you will not have a problem hitting the fuel tank (at least you shouldn't).
    The Mini Z 42" has trim also, it is only a couple inches, but it helps.
    The frame is similar in design, as is it is narrow, but it is heavier duty than the Mini FasTrak, it uses thicker wall tubing also.
    The 36/42 Mini Z's are new to the market, a lot of dealers don't have them yet, we are stocking warehouses and dealers as fast as we can.
    Talk to your dealer, I am sure his rep can get him one for you to see.
    As to towing, the ZT series axles in the Mini Z 36/42 are heavier duty than the IZT's or EZT's we use in the FasTrak / Mini FasTrak, so you should have no worries there.


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