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    PJ, is the pump and wheel motor one unit, and if so is it covered under the warranty( what is the life span) and or what would the cost of this unit be?
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    The Mini Z 17/36 and 19/42 use Hydro Gear ZT series axles, they are a combined pump and wheel motor type of transaxle.
    They have a spin on filter and utilize a reservoir just like a traditional pump and wheel motor set up would.
    They are covered under the 2 year commercial warranty of the Mini Z's.
    The lifespan is going to vary with the type of use (cathcer..etc..) and amount of slopes your mowing.
    The part #'s are as follows and you will have to call your Hustler dealer for pricing, I don't have parts pricing to post.

    Left side part # 601197
    Right side part # 601196


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