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    I can get a smoking deal on a new Hustler Mini Z 19hp Kawasaki/52". I have some concerns and would like some feedback please.

    1) Is the 19hp adequate for commercial (mainly residential) mowing?

    2) The unit has smaller hydraulic pumps, etc. This concerns me...should it? Is it gonna last as long getting used commercially compared to a Super Mini Z or Super Z?

    3) Should I move up a level to a Super Mini Z or Super Z? I'm just getting into the business, don't wanna make a mistake right off the bat.

    4) Some say the 19/52 would make a good "starter" mower. I just don't want to buy a mower that it's gonna be "harder" on it because of smaller motor, smaller hydraulics, etc.

    Appreciate the info.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    1) Yes, the Mini Z is a full blown commercial rider and will tackle any job with ease.
    2) The unit comes with the industry standard 10cc Hydro-Gear pumps, these have been in use in commercial mowers for over 12 years, no problems.
    Now the Super Mini Z comes with 16cc pumps, this is to flow more fluid and increase drive speed, if your looking for speed then look at the Super Mini Z.
    3) see #2
    4) You are making a excellent choice in a mower, if you think you need the extra hp, then go to the 23hp or step up to the Super Mini Z, but for the hp on the model your looking at you should be fine, you may have to slow down a little in super thick stuff, but likely you will be fine in 99% of the conditions you will be in.
    Say Hi to James for me, and Keep those lawns in Cleveland looking good, my boss lives there....
    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the help.

    I'm not looking solely at speed, MAIN concern is longevity, reliability, and quality of cut. As you may know, our area can be quite hilly.

    James is a great person to deal with. I've known him for a little while though his other job here and have always been impressed. I know he'll do me right. I think I've actually steered another customer his way as well.

    I'm demoing a 54" Super Z with the 25hp tomorrow head to head with a Gravely 152z. I kinda wish that I could demo the mini Z as well, but that may be pushing it. The dealership in Cleveland is closed tomorrow but Jason has agreed to meet me and let me pick up the mower.

    Again, thanks for your help. You got some great dealers in this area!!
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    What is the deal you are getting on the 19/52? I just purchased one for $6248 with the suspension seat, flex forks and hitch. It sounds like we do the same type of mowering and the dealer I had advised me to take the 19 hp and he felt it would be perfect for what I do, since the 19hp Kaw is the same as the 23 hp Kaw, just de-tuned to make it a 19hp. He said the torque that the 19hp Kaw puts out is more than the honda 20hp or the Kohler 20 command. Check with your dealer too, mine told me that as long as 30 days had not past, if I didn't like the 19hp then he would let me switch out to a 23 kaw for just the cost of the upgrade which he said would be around $300 plus or minus. Did your dealer give you this option?
  5. flake1333

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    I just pruchased the 19/52 with suspension seat, flex forks and hitch for $6248 plus tax. My dealer said that the 19 hp would be more than enough to take care of even taller grass without much problem. He said the 19 Kaw puts out more torque than the 20 Kohler and the 20 Honda. Also if he said if I didn't like it I could exhange motors within 30 days. What was the deal you obtained or what did your dealer tell you about the 19hp?

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    Without the flex forks, suspension seat and hitch it would probably be about the same...right in the middle between $5k and $6k.

    Don't know about the 30 day swap...might be asking for a little too much.

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    Well, I demo'd a 52"/25 Super Z and MAN was I impressed. I demo'd it against another brand 52" and the Hustler impressed me more. I also went to dealership and run a 52/19 Mini Z to ensure that the "feel" was the same. Of course it was, and that is the way I am leaning (52/19). Hope to pull the trigger this week.

    Thanks for all the help everyone!!

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