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    I know this question probably has been covered, but it seems opinions vary greatly on blade types. I have a 06 model Mini Z 19/42. What is the best blade type for wet or damp conditions? I am running the stock blades (believe they are fusions, not sure on the lift) and they perform well in dry conditions. But, when the grass is the least bit damp clumping and deck clog makes it difficult to mow.

    I am mainly cutting fescue/rye with weeds such as clover mixed in. The weedy grass tends to make matters worse with this issue. I am not wishing to mow in the rain, but with the cooler nights upon us it seems some grass doesn't dry at all or doesn't dry until late in the afternoons.

    RPM's, air pressures, etc all seem good and it does great with a clean deck and dry ground. Thanks for the help..
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    The stock Fusion blade, Hustler part # 600901, should give you the best results for what your describing.
    Double check your belt tension, blade pitch and level also.


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