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    Well I took the plunge, joined the Hustler family and took delivery yesterday of Mini Z 42" 19 hp Kaw.

    What are the options for bagging on this machine and costs? I know about the accelerator, but is the factory bagger worth the price for a residential application. I have just over 1 acre that needs to be bagged early and late in season. Is humboldt the mfg. for hustler?
    On they offer model#305 009 015 which is the 2-Bag Rear Catcher System with a 15" Vertical Blower for 36" and 42" Decks that sells for $590 will this work on my machine.
    Thanks in advance for al advise.
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    We don't work with Humboldt anymore, although some of our dealers may sell them aftermarket.
    I am not sure what their product works with and doesn't work with in regards to our units.
    Just make sure your buying the right catcher if it is aftermarket, the Mini FasTrak deck is not the same as the FasTrak SD (Mini Z) decks and some aftermarket mfg's are getting caught up in this mistake.
    $590.00 sure sounds cheap....
    We offer our own 2 bag rear catcher.
    Your mower is the same as a FasTrak SD, this is what they are called now.
    Here is the catcher information.
    Catcher, 2-Bag, FasTrak 36/42 48/54 / FastTrak SD 928408 ** $1,299
    Kit, 2-Bag Catcher Adapter, FasTrak SD 36/42 108629 ** $349
    The catcher is worth the money for sure, whether or not for just for a couple times a year? thats a call you have to make, but for a acre of grass and clean up and leaves... yeah I would buy it if it was me...

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    The Hustler Bagger is over-built, just like all the mowers. You can't go wrong with the Hustler OEM Bagger.

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