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    My friend and I just bought two new mini z's and the dealer installed mulch kits on each one. Both mowers have the fusion blades on them that came with the mower.

    We are both cutting our residential lawns (centipede) on the coast of South Carolina and both of us have noticed that the mowers are kicking up a lot of dirt and dust. It seems like a lot of it is coming out of the front of the mower.

    We have tried mowing at different heights and are still noticing a lot of dirt and dust. The lawns are in pretty good shape.

    These are our first ZTR mowers and would like to know if this is normal? Is there anything that we can do (different blades, etc...) that may help to reduce the dust and dirt?

    Any help would be much appreciated,


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    You need to get mulching blades on them.
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    I will give them a try. Other than being very dirty after cutting the grass, this mower is great.

    Thanks for the help!


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